Pretty Good for a Girl

The Autobiography of a Snowboarding Pioneer

Answer these questions-

Who is the author? Tina Basich

When is the publishing date? 2003

Who is the intended audience? People who like snowboarding

How is the text organized? Chronological

Are there any biases the author has toward this person? Yes, because she wrote the book about herself.


Tina was and is an artist, musician, and snowboarder who was born in Sacramento, California. She also grew up in Sacramento. When Tina was younger she lived in a tepee with her family. When Tina was 13 years old her younger brother had an epileptic seizure and that really had a huge effect on her life. When her brother survived his epileptic seizure she worked very hard to help him get back to the way he was before. When Tina went to school she never knew where to sit at lunch because she didn't fit in any where. Then she started skateboarding and sat with the skateboarders at lunch. One day her mom took Tina and her brother Michael to snowboard. Tina then loved to snowboard so she took her friend Heather to go snowboarding with her. Tina then took Heather up to the mountain every weekend to snowboard. Tina was a terrific snowboarder and she went on to become a pro snowboarder for the Olympics. Tina also met a lot of famous people. Some of those famous people were James Hetfield, Tiger Woods, Peter Line and Todd Richards. Tina did commercials for many things one of those things was for a Mountain Dew commercial. In that commercial she had to wear a wig. When she first had a team of snowboarders to go to the Olympics with she had a boyfriend on the same team and when they broke up there was tension on the team and plus she was the only girl snowboarder on the team. As a young misfit skater girl it was hard finding a place where Tina would fit in. Then she found the love of snowboarding in her heart one winter.

10 Key Events

The first key event that happened in her life was that she went threw first grade twice because her mom pulled her out of class for the rest of the school year because her teacher told her, "Honey, tulips are red." Secondly, she had a difficult life style because she lived in a tepee and on her first day of Jr. High she did not want anyone to see her come out of her home because she thought the kids would make fun of her. Thirdly, around seventh grade Tina started acting more like a girl and went to her first concert with her friend Catalin. Then, one day when Tina was 13 her brother had a seizure and her mom started screaming at Tina to call 911 for help and Tina just stood there in the door way froze because she was frighten and didn't know what was happening to her younger brother Micheal. Gladly, her brother survived the epileptic seizure and Tina then tried to help Micheal become his old self again. The fifth key event was that she went to prom with a Go Skate worker and then after they were there for five minutes just to get pictures taken and then left to go to the skate boarding rink to watch Randy (her prom date) skate board. The sixth key event was when her mom took her and her brother to go snowboarding and then loved snowboarding from the start. The seventh key event was when her team (The Kemper Team) went traveling for runs and tours. The eighth key event was when she snowboarded to help raise money for breast cancer. The ninth key event was when she was good enough then she got to design her own snowboard for Sims snowboards. The final key event was when she got to go to the Olympics and snowboard for an actual elite team.

Three character traits

Here are three character that describe Tina Basich. Tina is a fighter because she tried skateboarding and snowboarding before she even knew how to do either of them. Plus, she never gave up on knowing where she would sit at at lunch to know where she would fit in. Tina is also loyal because she when her skater friends got in fights she always helped them out and helped them escape the fight. Lastly, Tina is successful because she went on to the Olympics in snowboarding and did many commercials. Those are three character traits of Tina Basich.

How Their Early Life Influenced Her Life Later On?

During Tina's high school life she hung out with skateboarders and they helped her learn how to skateboard and that helped her snowboard because the movement was similar and the stance was the same. Then later on in her life she went on to the Olympics and was a very good snowboarder because of her old skater friends.

Three People Who Influenced Tina Basich

The first person who influenced her life were the skater she hung out with during high school. Those people influenced her when she first went to their school. They helped her fit in at school. They also helped her snowboard because they helped her learn how to skateboard and she said herself that snowboarding is a lot like skateboarding because you do the same stance and similar movements. The second person who had an effect on her life was her mother. He mother had an effect on her life because she was the one who took Tina and her brother Micheal to snowboard and they both loved it and that's when Tina started snowboarding. The third person who had an effect on Tina's life was her friend Heather Mills. Heather was an effect on Tina because Heather always pushed Tina to do her best and was her best friend and they snowboarded together all the time every weekend.

Quote That Exemplifies Tina Basich

"The whole idea started with a parent who wanted to do a fundraiser for the snowboarding team in Nevada Union. Her kids were in the team. She wanted to do the fundraiser up in the mountains and she contacted me so that I could get involved," Tina Basich. This quote fits Tina Basich because she loved to snowboard and she was a caring and giving person and she was involved in many fundraisers.

Do I like my book?

I did like my book. I liked this book because I enjoy snowboarding in the winter. I also like this book because it show what girls can accomplish in life. Plus it also shows that girls can be good at the same thing guys can.