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May 9-13 STAAR Week-Round #2

Thanks Yous and Celebrations

  • Thank you to Katie Bares, Kyla and Jackie for the fabulous STAAR video. Also thanks to everyone for appearing in the video. The kids really love it!
  • We have a few new people that will be joining our staff! Jordan Hunter-ALC Teacher, Brittany Rollings-3rd Grade, Angela Brown-Sp Ed TL, Allie Jones-ELC Teaching Assistant, Ellie Zhang-ALC Teaching Assistant, Devan Doxtator-ELC Teaching Assistant. We are still looking for one more assistant and a 5th grade teacher.
  • Thanks to Nia and everyone else for their participation in STAAR training!
  • Tutoring is over!!!
  • I saw a lot of appreciation from students to you this week! So sweet and you deserve it!
  • 19 days of school left!!! Crazy, huh??
  • It is a jeans and tennis shoes week next week due to STAAR!

Star Parking

Chera-Thanks so much for being so willing to help a student work through the mission problems. It really means a lot to him!

Important Dates

5/9-STAAR Testing-3rd and 4th Math

5/10-STAAR Testing-3rd and 4th Reading

5/11-STAAR Testing-5th Science

5/10-Fire Drill is CANCELLED due to STAAR-rescheduled for next week

5/11-National Nurse's Day

5/12-5/13-STAAR Make Up Testing

5/13-TL Retreat-All Day


  • Please be aware of the schedule changes for each day Mon-Wed. Each day is a little different. Be prepared and flexible!
  • We are STAAR testing Mon-Wed this week. We have small groups all over the building. We must have a quiet testing environment.
  • There will be no announcements Mon-Wed this week due to STAAR.
  • When and if morning announcements are working again, work with your team to let summer birthdays come down. Just don't sent the whole grade level on the same day. Spit it up over the next couple of weeks. Also those that had birthdays this week and didn't get to appear can come on Thursday or Friday of next week.

Today's Terrific Tweet-I love fifth grades Mom's Day Gift!

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