my science project

by adrieanna oshea


the reasone my class chose this science project is to see how much color is in one sharpie color


if black,baby blue,lime green,gold,purple,are exracted for pigment through cromitomry then black will containthe most pigment because black will have more color because it is a darker color


1.what factor is being changed?

color of the ink

2.what factor is being measured?

the color that appears

3. what factors will you keep the same through every trial?



same alconol

same amout of ink

same time

material list

1. 18 chomo paper

2.1 black sharpie

3.1 baby blue shapie

4.1 baby pink sharpie

5.1 metallic bronze sharpie

6.1 lime green sharpie

7.1 purple sharpie

8.6 clear plastic cups

9.1 bottle of isopropyl alcohol

10.6 pencil

11.6 binder clip

12.6 rulers

data table

BLACK had red,purple and blue in it

PURPLE had light pink,lavender and light blue in it

LIME GREEN only had yellow and magentreuse in it

RED only had light pink and magenta/fuchsiain it

ROYAL BLUE had light blue,indigo and lavender in it

PINK only had pink in it

GOLD only had gold in it


1. does you data table support or contradict your hypothesis?

yes, my data tablet does support my hypothesis black didnt have the most color but it didnt have less colors then the rest it was equal with red and royal blue all the either ones had less the black,red and royal blue

2. what have you learned about the relationships between the manipulated andresponding variables?

some of the colors that we used didnt work so they didnt add any other colors to that sharpies could you of improved your project?

we could of used different paper or diffrent markers

4.what other variables could you hace tested

we could of tryed different stuff with this topic