New Board Takes Office

Board Chair Lays Out Focus for Next Four Years

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Two new board members took the oath of office this morning to serve more than 10,000 students of the Tuscaloosa City Schools. Dr. Karen Thompson-Jackson, district one, and Lesley Powell, district three, join Kendra Williams, district two, Patrick Hamner, district four, Erica Grant, district five, Marvin Lucas, district six, Erskine Williams, district seven, and board chair Eric Wilson.

School board members were sworn in by retired judge the Honorable John H. England, Jr. alongside members of the city council today.

"This year, we have six returning board members who will help this group hit the ground running in probably the most important academic year this system has ever faced," said Wilson during his inaugural address.

The board begins its work Tuesday night with its first regular meeting at 6 p.m.

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Eric Wilson Speech at Inauguration Ceremony

The board-superintendent relationship is a unique one. Wilson highlighted superintendent Mike Daria's leadership in the successes had to date.

"He is unwavering in his efforts to make TCS excellent," he said of the Daria. "We have enjoyed one of the best four years TCS has ever had thanks to his leadership." "He appropriately celebrates our successes, but never be satisfied with our results. We have a critical year coming up post-pandemic, never has the education of our students been more important."

Here's what Wilson said the board will spend its focus in collaboration with Daria in the next four years:

  1. Continuation of a data-driven approach to the TCS Reading Before Third Grade literacy program prior to the implementation of the Alabama Literacy Act
  2. Adoption and implementation of Strategic Plan 2.0
  3. Achievement of Exemplary status for all libraries
  4. Creation of an innovative special project at Stillman Heights designed to transform the West side of Tuscaloosa

Chairman's Challenge

Wilson challenged event-goers to do something for education this year whether it is giving to Strong Schools. Strong Libraries. campaign; donate your time to read to students or reach out to your neighborhood principal to ask how you can help.

"Together we can continue to make a difference," he said.

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