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The Beautiful Country of Burma

Come visit some of Burma's amazing cities full of adventure and beautiful sites.

History of Burma

Burma is also known as Myanmar, it became official in 1989. Before the Europeans arrived Burma (Myanmar) was ruled by the British.The British made Burma a province of India with Rangoon being the capital in 1886. The Burmese society was not taking the monarchy well or the separation of religion and state. Soon U-Saw the Burma Prime Minister began taking over, leading to Burma gaining their independence in 1948.

Current Situation

Not to long ago did an ethnic cleansing take place in Myanmar. Many Muslims were killed and injured. The Muslims hold the U.S. accountable for not protesting what was taking place. There was mass destruction and many Muslims lost their homes.

Leader of Burma (Myanmar)

Thein Sein

Famous People

Aang San Suu Kyi

Placed under house arrest for speaking against U Ne Win, Prime Minister of Burma also military commander,with Democracy and human rights at the fore of her struggle. They also cut off her communication with the outside world. She was released with the permission of Thein Sein who is currently president.

Ludu Daw Amar

Ludu was a journalist and writer in Burma (Myanmar) who wrote about anti government views and radical left wing journalism. She was one of the most respected woman in Madalay, Burma. People often called her Mother of the People or Grand Old Lady.


An interesting tradition that the people of Myanmar have is the Thinngyan Water Festival. This festival usually occurs in the second week of April. Almost the whole population of Burma go around throwing and splashing water at each other. They believed that throwing water at each other would cleanse the evil and sins of the old year like during Thinngyan.

Things to visit

Shwdago Paya

Beautiful, heart stopping site. During the day the building shines bright gold. As the sun goes down different colors begin to reflect off of it. The Shwdago is one of the most sacred sights in Burma. Located in Yangon.

Kyaikhtiyo Ragoda (The Golden Rock)

This is also one of the many things people come to visit. There is a legend about The Golden Rock, that thousands of years ago a hermit placed the ragoda on a pillar before he died. They aren't sure if this it true but many foreigners along with the Burmese people believe the rock is magical because it does not fall even though it sits at the edge of a rock pillar. Located in Yateyaung