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Principal's Message

We've nearly made it! The last few months of this school year have been challenging and certainly not what any of us could have expected at the year started. I'd like to express how proud I am of our students and teachers for rising to the occasion and meeting these challenges head on. I also would like to express my sincere gratitude to our parents for their support for their children and our teachers. The

Normally at this time of year, we are wrapping up the current year and planning for the upcoming year. As you can imagine, our planning for next year is met with a great deal of uncertainty. We are facing three potential plans for next year: 1) we return to school as near normal with some guidelines (such as hand-washing and sanitation procedures, staying home when sick, and physical distancing when possible) in place for increased safety ; 2) partial return with additional health restrictions such as smaller numbers of students being allowed in the building at a time. (We would likely have smaller cohorts of children come for a week on/week off if this is the scenario we face.); 3) we do at-home learning as we have been since March 15th. On August 1st, Alberta Education will release their final decision as to which of these scenarios will be our reality. Based on the information given last week by Adriana LaGrange, our Minister of Education, I am hopeful that should COVID-19 continue to be controlled, we will be able to return to school in September under scenario one. As we have learned through this whole time, however, things remain very fluid and may change quickly. For more information, click here to access the re-entry plan that Alberta Education has released.

Regardless of what September looks like, I think everyone is very grateful that this school year is coming to an end. I encourage everyone to take the much-needed break from school. While technology was our saving grace through this whole process, I also encourage everyone to find some time to disconnect from the tech world for a while. Have a fabulous summer and we will see you in September (in whichever way fate allows us to do so!)

Early Learning Program

It is now time to register for our early learning program. Our program is for children who are aged 3 by September 1 or age 4. Our program offers children a fun and safe learning environment to build early learning skills, develop social skills, fine motor and gross skills, speech development, and many other skills important for preschool children to learn prior to entering kindergarten.

For more information or to register, check out our website at Please note that if your child was already registered in preschool last year, they will automatically be registered in preschool or kindergarten for this coming year. We know that COVID-19 may put up some barriers; if you decide not to send your child for this coming year, please let us know so we can properly plan our programs accordingly.

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School Supplies for 2020-2021

VPE Will Not Be Providing School Supplies for 2020-21 School Year

Over the past several years, our school has purchased school supplies in bulk for students and parents have paid for them at cost. This system was a win:win as it was easy for parents, and enabled students to have exactly the supplies they needed in support of their learning. Because of COVID-19, we will be unable to provide these supplies the same way for next year. For the 2020-21 school year, parents will be responsible for purchasing supplies for their children. In their report card, each student will be provided a list of required supplies that can be purchased at a store of your choosing. These lists will also be posted on our school's website for future reference.

Plans For Our Last Week of School

Year End Celebration Parade

Tuesday, June 23rd, 11am-1pm

VPE Front Loop

Our last day of school for this year is June 23. As a wrap-up for a very challenging year, we would like to invite you to join us in our year-end celebration parade. Our teachers will be out front of the school from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm on June 23. At any time between the set hours, students and their families can drive/walk/ride by our front loop and wave and say their good-byes (with appropriate physical distancing) to the staff of VPE and help us celebrate the end of a challenging year. We're excited to see you before everyone heads off for a much-deserved summer!

Procedures for Returning Chromebooks

During this at-home learning time, many of our families borrowed Palliser Chromebooks. Now that the year end is approaching, these devices need to be returned and put back into our inventory. Here is the procedure that we will follow for their return. We will have our Chromebook returns days set for Tuesday, June 23 to Thursday, June 25. On these days, there will be 1 - 2 cleaning stations set up at the school. Proper physical distance protocols must be maintained during the returning and cleaning process. Once you arrive, we will confirm the device is fully functional and the charging cords are with the device. We will then sanitize them, check them back into our system, and bag them.

Kinder News

Happy June!

This past month the kindergartens have been busy working on expanding their understanding of numbers further-breaking numbers into different groups, creating number lines, counting on/back from different points, and completing their teen booklets. We have also been practicing writing our numbers and letters in different ways, including using flour/rice/bean trays, sidewalk chalk, mud writing, using our whiteboard markers on windows, and water writing on cement. These are all ways we can continue to practice writing our sight words, letters, and numbers throughout the summer! Don't forget all of the games that we have played to practice these skills too. I will send home a list of these games too. :) These past few weeks the kindergartens have also been learning more about emotions and how it is okay to feel emotions (everybody does). 'Naming it to tame it' is one strategy we have focused on to achieve emotional regulation, including recognizing what our body feels like and what we do when we feel different ways. We have introduced and reviewed different strategies to respond to our emotions in healthy ways and allow us to return to the green zone where we can play and learn, including rainbow breathing, balloon breathing, humming. Stay tuned for more strategies in the upcoming weeks!

Last Friday we had a show and tell. Mrs. L. and I were excited to listen to the kiddos share in different groups. It was a unique opportunity for kiddos to share their pets or different things they wouldn't be able to bring to the classroom (how to play pool)!

Mrs. L. and I would like to extend a big thank you to all of the kindergarten families and kindergartens for working so hard on their schoolwork during these past few weeks. We appreciate how invested you are in your kiddo's learning. As summer approaches and kiddos are keen to get outdoors to play, remember there are lots of learning opportunities outdoors and that free playing is a form of learning too! Nature scavenger hunts, collecting and counting outdoor items, creating sidewalk chalk number lines, creating patterns of items found in nature, reading a book on an outdoor picnic, building a fort, experimenting with items that float/sink are some different ideas-the possibilities are endless. Feel free to email me if you'd like further ideas or have any questions of how to tailor our online lessons to become outdoor fun.

Track Meet 2020

Usually this time of year, we would have been busy rounding parents up to volunteer with our Track Meet, but this year things were a little different. This year we planned a virtual Track Day. It will took place on Wednesday, June 10. The day started with videos of how to do the events and then our families headed outdoors for an active day of fun in the sun. Thanks to everyone for sharing their photos, videos, and stories about the fun they had that day. If you haven't already seen it, be sure to check out this video with highlights of the day.

What's New in Grade 1/2

We have been continuing this sometimes challenging experience that is learning online. As we continue students, parents (and teachers!) are growing in their tech capabilities for sure! The 1/2 teachers have been busy creating videos to teach the different subjects each day and we love seeing the kids checking in and watching them. Most of all we love seeing the kids in Google Meets! Thanks for checking in with us in this way.

The students worked on their own “all about” books where they taught their readers all about an animal. They focused on the description, habitat, food, babies and of course interesting facts about the animals of their choosing! As we wrapped up these books the students began creating their Covid-19 time capsule. In the time capsule, they are recording all kinds of things about themselves, their families, and the world during this time.

We love hearing kids reading on RAZ Kids. If you haven’t already, have your child make a recording on the website!

In math, students have continued working on number operations. Grade ones are mastering addition and subtraction within 20 while grade twos are doing the same within 100! Next, we will be moving into our measurement unit. Here students will practice calendar math, measuring, and graphing!

Thanks for all your hard work at home! We appreciate the effort you’re putting in to go above and beyond in this learning experience. Let’s finish off the year strong!

Grade 3/4 Update

This is not how any of us imagined that the year would wrap up, but it is definitely a year that we will never forget! We have been some impressed with how families and students have preserved through our online work, despite the challenges that arose. We love that students continued to share their learning with us and also had extra time to practice other skills at home such as cooking, building, enjoying nature and spending time in other creative ways.

We are glad that students have been doing reading online and having time to enjoy their own reading as well. Plus it is great that students have found some new favourite reading spots! We hope that everyone spent some time practicing their cursive writing skills, not only their typing skills. It has been amazing to see students develop their technology skills and be ready to help us out too!

Our butterflies have been busy growing and it is great that students have been eager to check out their progress. We were thrilled to see so many come to view our butterfly release as well!

We hope that everyone continues to do well. We miss you so much here at school and hope that we will all be back together soon. Remember life is tough, but we are tougher!

Keep checking in with us in our class video chats as we love to see and hear you! Let us know if there is anything that you need and also be sure to keep checking your email for updates.

Grade 5/6 News

In the ⅚ classes we have been doing so many amazing things! Students have been working on writing tasks such as taking generic story starters and finishing the plot in the most creative ways! Some students finished them with mythical creatures, smelly basketball teams, and doomsday scenarios! Other students have been working on developing their persuasive writing skills or their poetry writing. We have been focusing on not only literacy with reading comprehension and writing prompts but also, numeracy with at-your-level math problems. Some students have been enjoying “Fun Fridays” where they are encouraged to participate in hands-on experiments or digital field trips to places like ancient Athens! Miss K's students have also been focusing on “Mental Health Mondays” where they take a look at how to care for their mental heath and all the important ways we can do that from home! Our morning meetings are always a joy and a wonderful way to stay connected and up-to-date with one another!

Mr. Rayz Concert Opportunity

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