Mountain View Weekly Update

December 10

Announcements & Updates

- Per Board of Education policy 6145, students must maintain passing grades (minimum 63%) in all classes to participate in Interscholastic Sports. Grades will be checked on December 20, the midpoint of the winter season, and those students who do not meet the criteria will be ineligible to participate in athletics until their academic performance improves.

- As the holiday season approaches and children may have more screen time on electronic devices or receive them as gifts, it's a good time to revisit family expectations surrounding electronics usage. Click here for valuable resources to help parents set guidelines to help their children use technology responsibly.

- Please donate your gently used clothing to the iCare Foundation for Children. The Foundation sponsors over 400 children in Morris County during the holidays, and your donation truly means so much. Donation bins are in the front hall by the Main office. Donations will be accepted through Tuesday, December 18. Should you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Berish.

Student Council presents... Winter Spirit Week

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Girls Leadership - Middle School & Grownup Workshop

Calling all 6th, 7th and 8th Grade Girls!! The Mt. View Guidance Department is happy to co-sponsor, along with the HSA and Parent Advocate Mrs. Patyk, a Girls Leadership workshop in February. Please complete the survey below by December 20 so we can schedule this 4-week series at a time that is best for the majority of our families. We look forward to bringing this amazing workshop to Mendham!

For more than fourteen years, Girls Leadership, a national nonprofit organization, has awakened thousands of girls to a life of authentic leadership. Co-founded by educator and social entrepreneur Simone Marean and bestselling author and educator Rachel Simmons, we provide transformational programs to girls, their parents, caregivers and their educational communities.

As girls become young adults, the ability to be resilient in the face of challenges, to own mistakes, and to set a strong internal compass for healthy friendships and relationships is critical. In this workshop, pairs will practice skills to build and strengthen their authentic voice. Girls and Grown-ups will have the opportunity to bond and have fun in a safe environment, and develop a common language to face challenges together.

Program Summary (4 2-hour sessions)
Week One: Dealing with Difficult Friends
Week Two: Emotional Intelligence
Week Three: Making Mistakes & Not So Funny Jokes
Week Four: Four Steps for Healthy Conflict

Price: $305 per Girl & Grown-Up pair

Financial Assistance information will be available on the website when the program opens for registration.

CLICK HERE to take brief survey.

A note from the Health office

Dear Mendham Borough families,

District-wide, we have had a number of cases of reported strep throat over the past week. Please be mindful that if your child is not feeling well with any of the signs shown in the box below, a trip to the doctor is warranted for a strep test. The presentation of strep appears to be atypical, according to local doctors.

For more information about strep, please refer to the CDC page about Strep.

As a reminder, your child must be fever-free without fever-reducing medicine and on antibiotics for 24 hours before returning to school.

Please remind your children to wash hands frequently and use proper coughing etiquette. We are hoping to reduce the transmission of illness and keep our school community healthy and well as we approach the winter break. Thank you for your cooperation and attention to this important information.

Warm regards,

Mrs. Pagana and Mrs. Austenberg, your district nurses

Mark your calendars

- 12/21: 1:00 dismissal

- 12/24 - 1/1: School closed for winter break