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Adult Education and Apprenticeship

Are you an adult interested in continuing your education? CATEC's Adult Education and Apprenticeship Program offers +100 in-person and online classes. Scholarships are available. The new fall 2022 schedule is up! Keep in touch with this program to learn more:

Director's Message

Happy Career and Technical Education Month!

Hello, CATEC Families!

One of my favorite things about living in Central Virginia is the change in seasons. I am thoroughly enjoying the warm weather, green leaves bursting from the trees, and the rejuvenation of wildlife. This time of year inspires hope and a feeling of renewal.

May is a busy month as we celebrate all that our students have accomplished during the school year. A number of our programs are involved in the CATEC Interview Week during which potential employers will interview our students. Successful candidates will be offered jobs and participate in Signing Day on May 17th. Shortly thereafter, we will recognize our students who have completed a program sequence in our annual CATEC Completer Ceremony. All of these events embody the CATEC mission to strengthen our students’ pathways into life after high school. For the first time in two years, we are hosting our Completer Ceremony in-person! The event will be held at the Martin Luther King Performing Arts Center at CHS on May 31st at 7:00 PM. Every student will have 4 tickets for family or friends. We hope to see you there!

Please mark your family calendars for additional schoolwide events taking place this spring:

  • May 2-6 Interview Week
  • May 17 Signing Day
  • May 31 Completer Ceremony


Stephanie Carter

CATEC Director

Schoolwide Information

Calendar Dates

May 2-6- Interview Week

May 17- School-to-Work Signing Day

May 30- Memorial Day, no school

May 31- Completer Ceremony

Completer Ceremony: Save the Date

  • Graduating Seniors will wear their gowns from their base school. Students who are not graduating from their base school will wear a gown that we will provide.
  • We will have a “Photo Booth” area where families can take pictures with their student. This will be available in the lobby area both before and after the ceremony. We will have a professional photographer available for more formal pictures at no charge to families.
  • If anyone has questions, please call Ms. Wood at (434) 973-4461 x 69014.

School Counseling Services

Ms. Wilson, CATEC's School Counselor, is on-site daily to assist students with scheduling issues, college dual-enrollment registration, and individual needs. Ms. Wilson can be reached at and 434-973-4461.

CATEC Students are Professional: Workplace Readiness

CATEC values making sure students graduate with the technical skills and workplace skills necessary for entering the workforce. CATEC has implemented a "CATEC Students Are Professional" mantra to ensure students understand what it takes to be successful in our building and in the workforce. Students are expected to act in accordance with industry standards and practice the 22 21st Century Workplace Readiness Skills for the Commonwealth. By April 1, students had completed learning and practical applications of all the 22 WRS standards.

CATEC Academics

CATEC offers academic courses that are both embedded in trade curricula and offered as stand-alone courses. Taking trade and academic courses at CATEC allows students more flexibility with their scheduling as well as learning class materials in authentic ways.

English 10 & 11 embedded in Culinary 1 and Cosmetology I: Megan Panek

It’s book club time! Students in Culinary Arts had a choice between The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan and With the Fire on High by Elizabeth Acevedo. In Cosmetology they chose between Acevedo’s novel and Concrete Rose by Angie Thomas. We are having fun listening to the audio books, discussing our books, and connecting the themes of the books to our lives. All of these activities are preparing us for the SOL Reading Test coming up in May.

English 12 & Government: Megan Panek and David Topper

Students wrapped up a quick unit on the judicial branch by looking at landmark Supreme Court cases that all teens should know and considering how these cases still impact our lives today. To end the year students will be learning about the executive branch and thinking critically about how members of the executive branch have to make tough decisions, about both domestic and foreign issues, on a daily basis.

Economics and Personal Finance: David Topper

Albert Einstein once said "The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax." Guess what, that will be our endeavor for the next few weeks. Students will research issues like:

  • Why are we taxed and where does all that money go?
  • How do I read a paycheck?
  • Teens and taxes
  • How do I file my taxes?

Then students end the year with a unit bringing it all together from stat to finish and developing a basic understanding of the economy.

Profile of a CATEC Student

Each month, we introduce you to two current CATEC students. Here at CATEC, we know our student body is diverse and interesting and we want to share their stories with our community.

Leah DeBerardinis, Automotive Body Technology

Albemarle High School junior Leah DeBerardinis decided to take Automotive Body Technology because she enjoys working on cars with her grandfather and wanted to learn more about the field. Her favorite thing to do in Auto Body work on painting cars in the painting booth. In fall 2019, Leah joined the Scouts BSA and has become a member of the select group of young people who are part of the Order of the Arrow. In additional to excelling in Auto Body and Scouts, she works at Stoney Point Market.

Brady Garrett, Emergency Medical Technician

Brady is a senior at Monticello High School in CATEC's EMT class. He will be leaving for William and Mary later this summer to study business and global studies. He was originally interested in studying in the healthcare/medical field because he has faced his own health challenges over the years. Taking the EMT class topped off a deep dive of research in the medical field, which included two internships in the biomedical and orthopedic and prosthetic fields. Ultimately, his interest in travel persuaded him to study business and global studies in college. Brady has travelled to 27 countries with his family; Cambodia is his favorite country to visit because he said it was very different from America.

Each month we highlight one aspect of our program offerings that make CATEC unique.

Learn More about CATEC's Cosmetology Program

This month we're recognizing our Cosmetology program because April 25th marks Hairstylist Appreciation Day. We're happy to celebrate our Cosmetology program and all of the stylists in our community who not only support our Cosmetology program but also have managed to continue providing excellent service when faced with difficulties in the past two years.

Cosmetology Curriculum

CATEC’s Cosmetology program is a two-year program consisting of 840 training hours. Students study hair, skin, nails, and their related care. The curriculum is grounded in theory that prepares students to practice procedures in clinical lab and classroom settings. Students use mannequins for manipulative skill practice, training in safety and chemical processes related to permanent waves, relaxing, soft-curling, lightening, and hair color. Students learn to care for skin, hands, and feet, developing expertise in providing facials, manicures, and pedicures. Additionally, as part of the program curriculum, students study business management and instructors Karen Brown and Jackie Waller spend countless hours of classroom time emphasizing workplace skills.


Cosmetology II students spend their second year progressing in their learning and preparing to take their Virginia Board of Cosmetology examination. Cosmetology II students learn advanced theory and learn advanced skills. In addition to earning their Virginia Board of Cosmetology licensure, students can also earn certifications in Pretty In a Minute Experience, and Barbicide. For the past two years, students also had opportunities to become certified in Barbicide COVD-19 and human trafficking.

Projected Job Growth

Once licensed in the state of Virginia, professionals are able to provide beauty services such as shampooing, cutting, coloring, and styling hair, applying makeup, dressing wigs, performing hair removal, and providing nail and skin care services. The projected job growth in Virginia for the Cosmetology industry shows an increase of 10%, with Virginia earning approximately $6,000 more per year than the national average. Brown estimates that, to date, there are more than 500 CATEC Cosmetology graduates working locally in the industry. Two of them, Instructors Brown and Waller, are both graduates from the program!

Meet the Instructor: Karen Brown, Cosmetology 1

Mrs. Brown started her career in the Cosmetology field 1982 as a "shampoo girl." She received her training as a high school student at CATEC and has been teaching Cosmetology at CATEC since 2001. Mrs. Brown is a licensed Cosmetologist, a licensed Cosmetology Instructor, and a certified Milady Master Educator. When asked what she loves most about what she does, she said, “The thing that I love the most about Cosmetology, and being an instructor, is the change that I see in a client’s – or a student’s – eyes when it all comes together. Just to know that I may have had a part in that is very rewarding to me.”

Meet the Instructor: Jacqueline Waller, Cosmetology II

Ms. Waller has worked in the Cosmetology industry and has owned her own salon for more 20 years. She currently holds a Cosmetology License as well as a Cosmetology Instructor’s License. Ms. Waller began her studies at CATEC in the Cosmetology program and has continued her education by studying through a certification course at Dudley’s Cosmetology University and the Advance Cosmetology Institute every year. She is currently working on her My Milady Master Educator Certification. When asked what she loves most about what she does, she said, “I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to give back the opportunity that was given to me. What I love most about my field has been, and continues to be, having the ability to share the beauty and art that can be achieved in our field. The highlight for me has been when former students return and share their experiences and growth in our industry.”