Notre Dame Catholic Primary School

Foundations for Life Long Learning - 25 October 2018


The fruit of SILENCE is Prayer

The fruit of PRAYER is Faith

The fruit of FAITH is Love

The fruit of LOVE is Service

The fruit of SERVICE is Peace

Mother Teresa

Generous God,

we give you thanks

for the gifts and talents

that you have given us.

Help us to make the best use of them that we can

and to serve you in all that we do.


Dear Parents and Staff

Week Three of Term has been another busy time with both Field and Track Interschool Athletics Carnivals on Tuesday and Thursday respectively along with Open Night last evening and the Year 2M Assembly tomorrow. Looking at the calendar for next week it appears much less hectic but I’m sure there will be plenty to keep us all occupied.


Thank you to all of the parents, children and other family members who came along to see a sample of the great work that has been happening at Notre Dame over this year. The staff did a wonderful job in providing a range of activities to highlight the learning experiences that the children have been exposed to. I hope all visitors appreciated their efforts and gained an insight into how diverse and exciting education is today. Thank you to all who completed their Passports and deposited them into the box outside the Library. We will draw the names of the lucky winners at tomorrow morning’s Assembly which will be presented by our fabulous Year 2M class.

A special thank you also to all of the parents who purchased items from the Book Fair hosted by Mrs Sarmardin in the Library. A percentage of sales contributes towards providing books for our Library.


Congratulations to our Field Events competitors who performed creditably last Tuesday. There were many excellent individual performances which Mr Webb will highlight in his wrap up of both Carnivals in next week’s newsletter. We wish all of our team members a great day of competition today.


Please follow the link below to access information about this initiative that has been requested by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training. This is intended to assist the department in determining fair and equitable distribution of funding to schools.


It has come to my attention that our school has been operating two telephone numbers for some time. Please note that the only number to contact the school from now forward is 62727100. Long standing families may have other numbers stored in their contact list so please ensure that you update your contact details.


Over the past two years, through the very generous coordination of Jerome Wilson and Liam South, our school has provided great nights of fun for over 200 dads and kids. With camping in tents, BBQ dinner, big screen movies and BBQ breakfast all catered for and prepared by the dads, the children have had a wonderful time with their friends and, most importantly, their dads. It is now time for us to commence the process of planning for next year’s campout and Jerome and Liam are seeking the support of at least two dads to assist them with planning with the intention of taking over the running of the camp for the following year so as to maintain the sustainability of this great event for future years. If you feel that you would like to assist or would like further information please contact either Jerome (0432 686690) or Liam (0400 002210).


The AGM for both the School Board and the P&F will be held on Tuesday 27 November at 6.00pm. Nominations for the School Board may be made using the Nomination Form below and the P&F Nomination forms are in their report in the newsletter.

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Parents, If your child/children will not be returning to Notre Dame in 2019, it is urgent that you advise the school by FRIDAY 2 November, 2018.

CHRISTMAS VIGIL MASS - Monday 24 December 2018 @6.00pm @ Notre Dame Church

Fr Quynh has asked the school to place an advance notice for the Christmas Vigil Mass at Notre Dame Church. He is inviting students to do the Readings and Prayer of the Faithful. The children attending the Family Mass will process with him at the beginning of the Mass. The children are most welcome to be dressed in the real theme of Christmas – Mary, Joseph, angels, shepherds, sheep and wise men (kings).

If you are attending the Christmas Vigil Mass and your child would like to participate in the readings etc. please notify Daniela Boyle or Joanita Stapleton from the Notre Dame Liturgy Committee.



The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults(RCIA), or Ordo Initiationis Christianae Adultorum(OICA) is a process developed by the Church for prospective converts to Catholicism who are above the age of infant baptism. The process culminates at Easter when the candidates receive the Sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist, Confirmation and Reconciliation.

To whom does RCIA cater?

· Those who have not been baptised.

· Baptised Christians from other denominations.

· Baptised Catholics who wish to renew their faith.

How is it delivered?

Faith development and growth is achieved through a well-structured series of presentations, sharing and reflection. Led by a team of catechists, the sessions cover all foundation topics of our faith.

Tuesdays at 7.00 pm in the Parish Centre.


The RCIA Coordinator in the Notre Dame Parish is Ann Semaan. Please contact Ann on 0400 736 180 for further information.


Mass will be celebrated on Saturday 27 October 2018 at 10.00 am at St Mary’s Cathedral, Perth. Any couples celebrating 25, 30, 40, 50, 60 or 70 years of marriage in 2018 can register for a commemorative certificate at


Bishop Aloysius Vi Nguyen from the Kontum Diocese will be visiting the Parish on Sunday 28 October 2018 to celebrate Mass at 6.00 pm. He will be accompanied by Father Paul Hong Dau, the Rector of Kontum Seminary.


A memorial ceremony will be held at the beginning of each Mass during the weekend of 3 and 4 November 2018 in memory of those who have passed away in the last 12 months. Please contact the Parish Office on 9277 4094 for further information and if you wish to register the names of deceased family members and the Mass that the family will be attending.


After the 8.00 am Mass on Sunday 4 November 2018, Parishioners are invited to a fundraising breakfast in the Parish Centre. The cost will be $5.00 and Parishioners will receive a gourmet bacon, egg and cheese muffin served with a hash brown, and tea, coffee or orange juice.

After the 10.00 am Mass for the same price, Parishioners will receive a gourmet sausage in a bun with onion, cheese and bacon or a hamburger with a can of soft drink.


A box will be placed at the school side entry to the Church for donations of non-perishable food items to help make Christmas hampers.

Dr George Sekulla JP


Notre Dame Parish Council


The Pre-Primary children have had a wonderful start to Term Four and we are eager to learn and discover more about the world around us. We have been learning about Fairy Tales and have thoroughly enjoyed reading many stories, including Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Jack and the Beanstalk.

We are looking forward to the very busy journey ahead this term, as we prepare for Year One. We have been refining our knowledge of the sounds of the English language , including single sounds and digraphs (like sh, ch, th). We have been making attempts to write independently and we are learning how to use punctuation when writing. We have been writing about the school holidays and also about Jack and the Beanstalk.

In Maths we have been having lots of fun learning about money. We know that Australian coins are silver and gold. We also know that the Australian notes are colourful and are worth much more than the silver and gold coins. We have become familiar with counting strategies for addition and subtraction. We have also explored the use of a range of strategies to work out the answers to word problems.

At the beginning of the Term we planted some more seedlings in the vegetables garden and we have also started growing some magic beans from Jack and The Beanstalk. We look forward to nurturing the plants as they grow.

“I planted some tomatoes. I might get to eat them. I like tomatoes. Some can be sweet and some can be sour. We put the seeds in the dirt. I eat tomatoes in salad.”

-Jonty Twohig

“I made a beanstalk. First we put cotton wool. Then we put water on it. We put the seed in the cup. Then we put more water. The Bean started to grow. They are green.”

-Sophia Sekulla

“I planted strawberries. First we took the plant out of a little pot, we shook it to get some of the soil off, we dug a hole and put the plant in the soil, covered it with soil to make sure it didn’t have any holes and then we watered it. It will grow into a big giant strawberry. It will taste like sweetness.”

- Ava McPherson

“I put some wool, a bean and some water into a plastic cup. I am waiting for it to grow. It has already started growing. It’s a bit of a swirly shape.

- Vincent Ostoic


A big thank you to the Notre Dame School community and staff for supporting our yearly book fair. We hope you enjoy your books and posters that you have bought. We have been fortunate to have such a supportive school and we will be able to purchase some new books for the library.

Also, a huge thanks to Signora Nicoloa for helping to hand out the passports for the school open night. The ballot box is full of passports and it was great to see everyone visiting different classrooms to see what they have been up to. Thanks again Signora!

Mrs Saramardin

Library Technician



Assembly Year 2M



Combined School Mass @ 9.30am



Merit Assembly


Year 1 Liturgy @ 10.00am


Assembly PPP



Letters have been emailed out to parents outlining how to register their child to help raise money for the program. Students have also received their sponsorship forms to assist. We are looking at a School goal of $5000 this year. Every small donation per student will help us achieve this goal. I’ve included the link below:


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The theme for National Water Week this year is 'Water for me, water for all' which encourages young people and the wider community to think about how we use water and how we can protect it so we have it in the future. It also gives us a huge opportunity to start conversations and encourage people to learn more about the value of water.

National Water Week provides an opportunity to remind ourselves and teach others that access to clean water is hugely important to every aspect of our lives, and we must do our best to protect our water environments and resources, use water wisely and respect its importance in our societies.

This week throughout the classes children have been participating in various activities to promote water conservation. This is a national event to remind us about our precious resource of ‘Water’.

Mrs Pirie

Yr 3M Class Teacher

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Dear Parents

Next week's roster

Monday 29 October - Mei Lie

Wednesday 31 October - Karen Russell

Friday 2 November - Ros Lovick


14 NOVEMBER 2018

6pm onwards

Notre Dame Staff Room

Refreshments & Finger foods provided

RSVP by Monday 12 November

The Thank You Evening invitation is open to everyone who has volunteered in the canteen or volunteered with the students' banking.

Hope to see you at the canteen soon.

Kayleen McLean

Canteen coordinator


Opening Times for Term 4:

Monday & Wednesday 1.30pm - 3.30pm

Orders and payment can be made at the front office.

Reminder: PRE-PRIMARY UNIFORM FITTING DAY: Tuesday 30 October 11.00am-1.30pm

Danielle Lawrie

Uniform Shop Coordinator


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Printed copies of the 2019 Nomination for a Committee Position forms are available at the front office.

What is a parent supposed to do in the face of an angry child, especially when that child's anger turns physical and they start hitting, pushing or biting? Maggie Dent shares her strategies on ParentTV:

Talking to our kids about tough stuff is hard! But by doing so, we create a stronger relationship with our child which facilitates ongoing communication. By letting them know we are there to help them tackle the big issues, our children are able to learn and grow, becoming more resilient young people. Learn how to tackle the tough conversations here:

Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) comes in many different forms and can affect children in different ways. ParentTV expert Allison Davies discusses what to do if you suspect your child might have SPD and some strategies to help.

We hope you have a wonderful week!

Sam and the ParentTV Team.



Look no further than the Australian Girls Choir (AGC) because we encourage, challenge and inspire girls as they learn to sing, dance and perform. School aged girls are invited to come along to our Open Day on Sunday October 28 to try our fun and inclusive classes and learn more about being part of the AGC! Please contact us if you would like to attend the Open Day. Ph 08 6365 2100 or email


Belmont Sports and Recreation Club invite you and you friends and associates to our FREE Family Friendly Club Open Day on the 28th October 2018. Barefoot bowls, Live music, remote control car racing , a pop up fashion shop , dancing and local club activities are all on display. Please support your local club , so as a community we can go stronger together.

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This Summer WAAPA at ECU, Mt Lawley is offering an exciting performing arts program for students from Years 1 to 12. The Summer School includes classes in RAP, Acting, Dance, Drama, Screen Performance, Music Theatre and of course, how to perform Shakespeare. For information about the fantastic courses on offer please visit WAAPA Summer School or contact Gabrielle Metcalf at


EMRC Earth Carer’s Course

Date: Wednesday 7 November- Wednesday 21 November

Time: 6.00 pm - 8.30 pm (Wednesday evenings) plus two Saturday field trips (10:00 am – 1:00 pm).

Earth Carers is a dynamic 3-week course for residents of Perth's Eastern Metropolitan Region (including City of Belmont), teaching practical ways to live with less waste. Learn more about what can be recycled in the community and tips to encourage others to reduce waste.

Over five sessions participants will learn about: waste management in WA, composting and worm farming, low waste living, green cleaning alternatives. The course includes a tour of the Red Hill Waste Management Facility.

Register at

For more information please contact the EMRC's Waste Education Team on 9424 222

Healthy Waterbirds, Healthy Lake

Date: Saturday 24 November

Time: 9am (registration), 9:30- 11am (walk)

Place: Tomato Lake, Scenic Drive, Kewdale. Meet near kiosk.

A morning talk and walk at Tomato Lake, brought to you by the City of Belmont and EMRC’s Bush Skills 4 Youth and Healthy Wildlife Projects. See the winning entries for the ‘Healthy Bird Gets the Worm - Primary Student Competition’ unveiled!

Learn about the birds which live, nest and feed in the area. A bird watching walk with binoculars and identification books will follow a talk about why feeding birds can cause serious health problems.

Suitable for families and adults.

Register by email to or contact the City of Belmont Parks and Environment Department on 9477 7257.

Come along for a free drink, tea or coffee and muffin at 9am. BYO binoculars and reusable coffee cup, if you have them.

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