Mrs. Haas' Third Grade News

February 15, 2016

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This week we will be on the look out for nonfiction text features as we read. Some of the text features we will talk about are titles, headings, glossary, index, table of contents, colored text, size of text, charts, pictures, captions, and graphs. We will also discuss why these text features are included in the text we read. See if your third grader can point out some examples of nonfiction text features in print you find around the house.

Writer's Workshop

We are almost done sharing our persuasive writing, and now we are ready to begin a new style of writing. Students will explore the genre of nonfiction writing this week. We will look specifically at How To books. Students will begin brainstorming about a topic they can teach others about.


We are ready to kick off Topic 10 this week. Students will learn how to compare fractions with common and uncommon denominators. We will also explore equivalent fractions.

We will not focus on a new set of facts for multiplication and division this week. We will take a timed test on Friday to review all the facts we have covered so far.

Social Studies

We will continue to work on our research project in the library with Mrs. Hammes.


We are ready to kick off a new unit in Science this week about weather. We will explore the questions:

1. What makes weather?

2. How is temperature, wind, rain, and snow measured?

3. How is weather predicted?

4. How are weather and climate related?