Save your money, time, and stress

Identity Theft

Having your identity stolen can happen anyway be it through your social media, your mail, your e-mail, or anything that has you name on it.


People can gain then sell our personal information by tracking your whereabouts through geotagging. If you tell people where you are by posting pictures with the location tagged in it scammers can find out where you live even the rooms in you house by following you around via. geotagging.

Don't be a victim and turn off geotagging when you post a picture.


People can go through your old papers and find out information about you including your passwords bank account and more.

Don't be a victim and shred your documents before you throw them away.

Social Security

NEVER carry around anything with your social security number with you unless you need it for something very personal. If people have your social security then they have everything about you.

Don't be a victim and keep your social security hidden.


People can phish for your personal info by sending you emails saying things along the lines of "You missed jury duty and owe $100" this may be a scam just make sure you know its from a reliable source before you pay anything.

Don't be a victim and double check everything you pay for.


People are known to hack into personal computers and installing spyware which steals your personal information.

Don't be a victim and protect your computer by installing an anti-spyware firewall.


Thieves are known to steal your information by diverting your mail and filling out your forms, buying things under your name.

PIN Numbers

Thieves can find out your bank account PIN and enter your bank account

Don't be a victim and memorize complicated and difficult PIN numbers.


Scammers often create fake or unsecure websites that install spyware and viruses.

Don't be a victim and make sure the website is secure by looking for the "https/" in the URL.

Shopping Scams

Thieves also create fake websites that are for shopping but really steal your credit card info wen you buy anything.

Don't be a victim and make sure the business is legitimate by checking on the Better Business Bureau website.

Social Networking

People have been known to steal personal information off of your social networking sites.

Don' be a victim and use privacy settings on your websites as well as watching what you post. Once its in the internet, there is no taking it back!