Accounts of Marco Polo

By John Bishop

Travels to China


This is the first time I am leaving my home. Me, my father and my uncle have traveled to China in order to meet the great Kublai Khan. He is a very generous man and seems to like my wide variety of stories a lot. I have been allowed to pursue my interests in the business of mercantilism. I have also gone on numerous diplomatic missions on the orders of Kublai Khan. We are now going back to Venice, stopping on the way in many trade routes including Sumatra, ceylon, India and Arabia.

Back to Venice


After spending 17 years with Kublai in China, it is finally time to return home to Venice. Kublai Khan is nearing his death and I fear that without him we may not be given the same support or wealth as before. We passed along in the sea, taking nearly 2 years to get back where nearly 600 passengers died as well, from Cholera and drowning. On the way Kublai Khan died and we were lucky enough to have his golden pass, otherwise we would've been stopped and possibly killed by pirates. We passed many trade routes and ports including stops in India and Sumatra.

Ibn Battuta


This is my first account of travels. I am taking my pilgrimage or hajj to Mecca for the very first time. This should take me about 16 months to complete and hopefully I can return home to Morocco soon. I am traveling alone, and have already said goodbye to my family. In order to understand the full meaning of this journey, I must be isolated. I'm traveling across North Africa, passing through Tlemcen, Béjaïa, and then Tunis. I've decided that I rather like traveling so I'm going to Cairo. I also decided to take a less traveled route as they say to Mecca in order to have a more quiet peace of mind. I have arrived at Mecca and have decided not to return home and instead go somewhere else and travel the world.