Zoni Beach in Puerto Rico

Isabelle Osburn

What Is Zoni Beach?

Zoni beach is lagoon on the island of Puerto Rico that sits at 18'24N , 14'40W. It's just off the coast of North America, and sits in the Atlantic Ocean.

What Type of Beach Is Zoni Beach?

Zoni Beach is a Passive Coast because, although it is settled in a part of the Atlantic Ocean that is too far away from any tectonic movement to be considered active.

Features Of Zoni Beach?

Zoni Beach is a Primary Coast, because t's surroundings where created from volcanic, or igneous rock .

Emergent or Submergent?

Sea Levels have been slowly diminishing since Zoni Beach was formed, and therefore has been further exposing the coast of the lagoon. Because of this, it is considered to be an Emergent Current.


Zoni Beach is a lagoon off of an archipelago that was formed with its surroundings by igneous rock layers, however the sand on Zoni Beach is white with crystal blue water and a surrounding coral reef.


This lagoon is known for being relatively peaceful. With a surrounding of warm white sand and rocks against the coast, further inland it is line with heavy greenery and shrubs. It also has a few palm trees sprouting up on the quiet coast.