KNIGHTS Kingdom News

December 2021

Greetings from Ms. Latchison

Dear Students and Families,

We are approaching STAAR EOC gamedays, which is all next week. The dates are listed below and all students that are testing need to report by 8:30am. Students have been reminded for the last 2 weeks by their teachers of which exam(s) they are scheduled to take. We have also sent reminders via Edmentum, Facebook, school signage, as well as emails. We are so proud of the progress our students have made all semester in STAAR EOC tutoring sessions. The learning that has taken place thus far, has been awesome and now it's time for students to put their hard work to the test. After STAAR testing, students and staff will get out for the Christmas holidays on Friday December 17th and return January 4th. Please take time during your holiday break to rest and relax in the Christmas spirit. I truly appreciate from the bottom of my heart, all of our teachers, staff, and students for their hard work this semester.

As of December 1, 2021 Brazos had 35 students that finished their graduation requirements!!!!!



December 7 (Tuesday)- English 1

December 8 (Wednesday)- Algebra I

December 9 (Thursday)- English 2

December 10 (Friday)- Biology and US History


December 13-17, only Algebra 1, Biology, and US History


Students and Parents,

Herff Jones Inc. is currently designing students' graduation announcements as well as graduation robes and class rings. They should have the design completed the start of January. At that point, ordering packets will be delivered and the representative will have a presentation with graduates and seniors. When they give us a date for delivery, we will call all graduates as well as seniors for them to start the ordering process. Brazos' 1st inaugural graduation will be on June 3, time and place to be determined, so please place that date on your calendars. Stay tuned for more information.

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