Canada and Australia in 2065

Lets compare Canada and Australia in 2065!

Have you ever wondered what Canada and Australia will look like in 2065 compared to now? Will they be similar? Will they be different? This presentation will cover everything you need to know about these places in the future.

Canadian Statistics in 2015!

Population: 35.871.000
Birth rate: 10
Death rate: 7.8
Natural increase rate: 2.2
Life expectancy: 81
Median age: 40.3
Population density: 4/km squared
Fertility rate: 1.66

Australian Statistics in 2015!

Population: 23.630.169

Birth rate: 12

Death rate: 6.7

Natural increase rate: 5.3

Life expectancy: 82

Median age: 37

Population density: 3/km squared

Fertility rate: 1.88

Canadian Statistics in 2065!

Population: 47.941.000

Birth rate: 9.81

Death rate: 11.50

Natural increase rate: -1.69

Life expectancy: 86.20

Median age: 47

Population density: 5/km squared

Fertility rate: 1.8

Australian Statistics in 2065!

Population: 37.165.000

Birth rate: 10.7

Death rate: 10.2

Natural increase rate: 0.50

Life expectancy: 87

Median age: 42.3

Population density:

Fertility rate: 1.90

Push and Pull Factors for both countries in 2065!



Canada has many ways to catch the attention of people. Job opportunities will be increasing because of the amount of people retiring. Canada supports free health care which is a big factor to people. We are a free country and hopefully we stay this way. Canada is a very diverse place and also offers some of the best schools in the world to students.

Pull Factors:

  • Economic opportunities
  • Free health care
  • Education
  • Freedom/Rights


Over the years Canada will be a different place than now. As people are expected to live longer, they will need more health attention. This means our taxes will increase significantly. Here in Canada, our weather is extremely cold in the winter, which can be a negative to people who prefer warmer weather. As Canada continues to welcome immigrants, popular cities such as Toronto are beginning to over populate.

Push Factors:

  • Weather
  • Taxes
  • Over population



Australia is known for their quality of life. They own some of the best schools in the entire world. Good education can get you a high salary job. Also Australia is not as populated in some regions.

Pull Factors:

  • Quality of life
  • Jobs
  • Not over-populated


Australia is an extremely expensive place to live. Their cost of living is really high. It will be harder to access good jobs as the rate of inflation increases. Also Australia will face extremely cold temperatures.

Push Factors:

  • High cost of living
  • Cold climate
  • Crowded in some regions
  • Hard to access high paying jobs


These are the differences in Canada and Australia from 2015 to 2065. As we can see, these countries are relatively similar but they both have their negatives and positives. We need to eliminate negatives and welcome positives for the future to come!