THRIVING in a Virtual World

Tips from you PRHS School Counseling Team


  • Know how to use Blackboard and/or Google Classroom

  • Keep track of assignments: What works best for you?
    • Planner - hardcopy or virtual calendar
    • To-Do on google classroom
    • Make a weekly assignment list with post-its

  • Plan your time wisely: Ask yourself...
    • How long will this assignment take?
    • How much goes into this big project?
    • What else am I committed to right now? Work? Clubs? Sports? Groups/Committees? Time with friends and family?

  • Create a weekly schedule: Ask yourself
    • What do I have going on this week?
    • What days are A/B, activity schedule, etc?

  • Set reminders on your phone or Alexa/Google Home: Do you set...
    • Reminders to sign in to classes?
    • Reminders to move on to next assignment?

  • Check your progress using Sapphire: Ask yourself...
    • How am I doing in class?
    • What do I have coming up?
    • Did I miss anything?

Set up your WORK SPACE

  • Post your schedule/activity day calendar - set timer/alarms
  • Limit distractions like the TV, phone, pets, siblings
  • Be consistent where you work like a desk or designated table in the home.
  • Have tools handy to be successful - laptops, books, pens/pencils, highlighters, post-its, etc.
  • Use your Learning Styles Results in Naviance to help you! Remember, there are suggestions for lighting, sound, seating, motivation, etc.
  • Are you more of a VISUAL, AUDITORY or KINESTHETIC learner?!
    • Visual: Use Closed Captions on Google Meet
    • Auditory: Use earbuds/headphones
    • Kinesthetic: Keep Silly Putty handy or find a place to stand while working


  • Stay calm: Breathe in and out. Remember that this is temporary and you will find a solution.
  • Identify the problem: What’s the problem and what do you need? Try to be as clear and specific as possible

  • Try to fix it yourself first!: Re-start your computer, log off and back on, close your extra tabs, clear your browser history/cookies, check your modem
  • Use the helpdesk at the top of IT is ready to help you. Just remember to be patient- they are supporting 4,600 people!

During CLASS

  • Be ON TIME (you will be counted absent if you aren't online when your teacher checks)
  • MUTE your mic! (the feedback can be crazy- mute when you're not talking)
  • Show your smiling FACE (or at least a part of your face to keep actively engaged)
  • ASK QUESTIONS (use the chat/message option if preferred)
  • Take NOTES (you don't have to write every word- use "short-hand" to get the main message)
  • Participate the WHOLE time (Teachers know when you aren't really there)
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  • Reach out: Call or video chat your friends. It helps improve your mental wellbeing!
  • Don’t isolate yourself: Go downstairs, leave your bedroom, find a family member and have a conversation!
  • Know your trusted adult: Who do you trust? A parent? family member? neighbor? teacher? counselor? Stay connected with that person via email, phone call, video chat
  • Your counseling team is here to help you! Our calendars and emails are listed below...
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Your Counseling TEAM


No one THRIVES alone. Who is a part of your VILLAGE?

  • Your Teachers
  • Your School Counseling Team (your counselor & college/career counselor)
  • Your Social Worker
  • Your Grade Level Principal & Head Principal (Mrs. Bowman)
  • Your Librarian (Mr. Pollock)
  • Your Family (your parents, siblings, cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles)
  • Your Friends and Classmates
  • Peer Tutors (see Miss Lang for an NHS Tutor)

Check the PRHS Program of Studies, pg. 5, to see who the best person is to help you!

If you or a friend are in crisis, please get help. Call Re:solve @ 1.888.796.8226 or text HELP to the Crisis Hotline @ 741741.

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