Some Facts

Calcium can be in your body or your food and it helps plants and animals live.No one know who discovered it and it was discoverd in Ancient time like before greeks and roman’s time.The element got its name from the word calx by which the oxide of the element was known to the early Romans.It dosen’t accour in free nature and thats make it rare, but you can find it in other places just not in free nature. I mostly see it has a liquid but it can be a Solid or Gas.

More Facts.

Calcium’s Atomic number is 20 and it’s Atomic weight is 40,078.The number of Protron’s, Neutrons, and Electrons is 20.Calcium is a heavy metal but it can be light sometimes.It isnt radioactive or reactive.Calcium is mostly a liquid so it can’t be hard or soft. Calx means lime in latin and cal is in the word calcium.Calcium is usually safe.

some more facts

In society calcium would be in our food and bone and hair.A plant cannot grow without a good amount of calcium. A lack of calcium prevents bones from developing properly for animals, And i think the same thing goes for humans’ too. calcium can look like sliver stone, calcium can build stronger bones and it can also make your hair grow.

It has a good reputation because it helps people, animals and plants to live.