Sleeping freshmen never lie

By: David Lubar

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A book full of...

Scott Hudson has entered the crazy world called high school. He is not a big fan of high school and all it entails. First off, there is an insane load of homework. On top of that, he's always trying to find a way to impress the love of his life. To add to all of this, Scott is about to have a new family member added to the picture. So you could say his high school life is going pretty rough. He wasn't necessarily prepared for what would happen this year with the sad and trying times. Don't be discouraged it is not like this the whole year, it gets better. Through his freshman year he learns some valuable lessons and records them in a journal for his unborn sibling. In hopes that it will help him out one day.

Awards and Praise:

-Thumbs Up award in 2006

-"[A] fresh, genuinely funny picture of an earnest year yet hapless teen... A solidly enjoyable read sprinkled with laughs, puzzles, a few groans, some oh-I-get-it nods, and generally good geeky fun throughout." -BCCB

-"Lessons are learned, humor mixed with sadness is prevalent, and the bittersweet year comes to a satisfying end for both the reader and Scott." -VOYA

Who is David Lubar?

David Lubar is an author of several young adult novels. His novels include Sleeping freshmen never lie, Hidden Talents, Wizards of the Game, Dunk, and many more. He is any author known by many. A fun fact about him is that he is an electronic game designer, former magazine editior, and a computer programmer.So you will surely enjoy his novels because he is a well rounded man.

Join Scott as he conquers what freshman year throws at him.

Everyone else is.

Created by: Michaela Downs