World Wide Web Bill of Rights

By: Keenan Dunn


Users have notification rights to their own post. Censorship rights can be given or taken away. Democracy rights will allow users to communicate on the web. Users on the internet have all right to freedom while using social media.

Article I: Privacy

  • Users should be notified of pictures being shared or shown.
  • Users should be notified if an account is logged in by another person.
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Article II: Censorship

  • Less government control.
  • Blocking harrassment and obscene material on the internet.
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Article III: Democracy

  • Have the ability to communicate across different social media platforms.
  • Have the ability to send text messages from a social media website to wireless device,
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Article IV: Freedom

  • Any post that is on the internet should not be used againts you.
  • Anyone should have access to the internet anywhere.
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