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Chery 1.6T engine

● Chery 1.6T

Turbocharged engine layout has become all manufacturers an important part of the future, for its own brand manufacturers, perhaps because for some reason, most of them on the use of direct injection technology investment attitude still maintained a respectful distance, the following to say is one example, with the displacement turbocharged engines have been put into use, but with direct injection technology 1.6T engine is also not exactly news that the amount of production time, but we can almost see this engine models in the future carrying case. Trafic Cartridge

Chery and outlook combining the two companies caused by contact, this 1.6T engine in addition to the Chery brand's models will use, the concept of cause-brand models are also likely to plan to carry.

This 1.6-liter turbocharged direct injection engine technology was added later, when 5000rpm 185 hp maximum power can be released, and in terms of torque 1750rpm and peak torque of 285 cattle to usher • m, such data at the same level in the case of high levels of the engine, and even MINI JCW models are equipped with 1.6T engine (torque of 260 N • m) were humbled. Opel 1.9 Cartridge

Due to its modular design, this 1.6T engine on the technical equipment can be described with the same 1.2T engine, spatial layout of each component are also maintained a consensus. Its maximum power of 185 hp and maximum torque of 285 N • m. To be honest, this engine appears really let us Chery or Qoros the future with a little vision, imagine if Ai Ruize 7 or Outlook caused three equipped with such an engine, in terms of driving experience will be able to have good experience.