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United kingdom's human population comparison

Predictions in 26 years

Hello, here I will be discussing what Canada and the United Kingdom will look like in 2040;future problems that must be worked to avoid, and sustainability. You will see the comparisons in the two countries that are overseas, one located in the cold North and the other in the densely populated Europe. Also, discussing the causes of moderate birth/death rates. along with other human population factors such as the rule of 70.

Population pyramid comparison

Based on the population pyramid below, it shows that the baby boomers took affect, at the ages are between 45 and 59 (3 age groups). Comparing this to Canada, it is at the same extent. Canada's population peak for the males are from the ages of 50-54. As for females, in the U.K and Canada's peak on the population pyramids are both between the ages of 43, to 49. This is due to the baby boomers caused when soldiers returned from world war 2. I believe this because of the low rate in which infants are born, Canada in 2040 will reduce slowly compared to the present, because of the lack of reproduction (although this may vary due to controlled immigration). Also Canada uses a controlled, distribution system in which they may higher the standards to live in Canada.

As for United kingdom, there controlled population and moderate births will are shown reducing, slightly. England is the most populated country in Europe by density. Although, statistics show (use time graph below as reference) that England's population is still growing, it is at an uncontrollable rate. Also the peak of the males in the U.K graph is of ages from 43 to 49, which is one age group under Canada. In conclusion, Canada population will reduce due to the new infants are the least age group, while United Kingdom may restrict immigration, and go to other extents to protect there country from these harms.

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Population density comparison

In comparison (Canada being larger then Europe), Canada has a total area of 3.8 million sq miles , while England only has a mere 50,346 million sq miles. England, with a population of 62,041,708 million civilians, with a density of 255/km. Canada, although with a much larger country, has a much smaller population (as of 2011) of 33,476,688. A density of 3.5/km(formula=total population over total area). Based on this information, I can say Canada is a well, sustainable country, while England is not sustainable in current years.

Canada statistics

  • Total population of 34,834,841.
  • Approximate birth rate of 10.29%/1000 people.
  • Approximation death rate of 8.31%/1000 people.
  • Natural increase rate: 1.29%.
  • Net immigration of .66 migrants/1000 people.
  • Sum Child mortality of 4.71/1000 people.
  • Population growth rate of 1.2%
  • A citizen has a life expectancy of 81.57 years.
  • Immigration rate:7.3/1000

England statistics

  • Population 62, 041, 708
  • Birth rate 12.22/1000
  • Death rate 9.32/1000
  • Natural increase rate 2.9%
  • Net migration 2.56/1000
  • Population growth rate 0.6% or 5.46/1000

Statistics Comparison

The results show that England has a much larger natural increase rate of 1.61%, which is still more then Canada. Also, England has a total population of 38 million more then Canada. Although, the U.K's population growth rate is half of Canada's.

2040 Statistics predictions

Based on Canada's successful immigration distribution and population method, I can say that this country will never suffer from over population in the next 40 years. However, based on the low birth rates in Canada, I can say that the population will dwell. England on the other hand, is suffering from a high population rate. It is unclear what actions may be taken to stop this from destroying the country. So based on the information without any technicalities, there country will not be sustainable in 2040. Also, I believe because of Europe over populated space, Canada will switch from there previous Asian immigrants, to new European immigrants. In conclusion, Canada's statistics will be stable, but grow in population. The United Kingdom birth and death rate, along with population will decrease.

Overall facts

As a conclusion, I can say Canada's problems do not lie in there human geography. Canada has a stable population which can last for over a 100 years. England however, is suffering from a large population issue, with a large density. Many residents live compact and space is very slim, they need to resolve there problems in any way they can.


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