To be more green around my home, i can turn off any unnecessary lights which saves a lot of energy and money. instead, i could open the blinds in my house to let natural light. also taking shorter showers and turning off taps saves a lot of water and energy. the house that i am living in is in a temperate decidious forest. i would plant a maple and oak trees around my house because there leaves change colour in the fall, and fall off in the winter. and grow back in the spring. this allows the plants to survive during cold winters.


plants that i would grow in my garden are broccoli, tomatoes, and carrots because the are high in calcium, iron, and potassium. it always creates a healthier eating environment for my family. i would compost to my soil in my garden because it adds a certain amount of nutrients to the soil and prevents the vegetables from diseases.
if my family had to support and endangered animal from to Toronto zoo it would be the ringed tail lemur. most of there habitat has been destroyed by human impact. they like to live in the forest in Madagascar but most of it was cleared out to create pasture for live stock.
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my transportation would be a hybrid car, because it runs on electricity which saves money for gas and doesn't pollut the sir which is better for the enviroment