Ed Gein

An American Serial Killer

"Weird old Eddie"

Childhood:Ed Gien was born Agust 27,1906; La Coose, Wisconsin. His mother was very controlling and didn't allow him to be around girls she was a fanatically religious woman. After his mothers death he stayed emotionally imprisoned to the women who tried to control him his entire life. He sealed her room and just stayed living in one room and kitchen. Ed witnessed his parents slaughter a in the she of the that was behind the the family store. He was also bullied at school because of his lazy eye.

Highest level of education?

Ed graduated from the 8th grade and then dropped out.

Work History: He usually worked as a handymen and babysitter he loved being around children because he felt like they were easier to relate to.

Gein started to dig out female corpse by night from the Wisconsin cemetery where his mother was buried. When he would get the bodies he would dissect them and keep certain parts like the head, sex organs, livers, hearts and intestines. He would flay the skin from the body and sometimes wear it himself. There was at least nine occasions where Ed dug up the coffins of newly buried middle aged women.There was a woman named Mary Hogan,54, fifteen year old girl named Evelyn Hartley,Bernice Worden, 58 had diapered from town.

Social Life: He didn't have one.:(

Doctors Diagnosis:Doctors said he was schizophrenic and that he was a sexual psychopath.

What crimes did he admit to? He admitted to killing Mary Hogan and Bernice Worden.

How was he captured? Before killing Bernice Worden he was at the harvest store were she worked. After police arrived at the scene a receipt of Ed Gein was found. The sheriffs went to his home entered the shed and found Bernice Worden headless body hanging upside down.The police found human skulls by Ed’s bed, a box of organs, furniture made out of bone and skin, and masks. More bones were found through out his farm.

Ed was in the Central State Hospital for his insanity for ten years. He then was put in trial and moved into a mental institute. Ed Gein died of respiratory failure on November 16,1957.

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