Jacqueline Woodson

Coming On Home Soon

Jacqueline's Childhood

Jacqueline Woodson was born in Febuary the 12th, 1963. Her mom went on trips away from home for long periods of time to find temporary jobs to earn money and other things that her family needed. Her family (at the time) that lived with her included her, her mom, and her grandma.

Later in her life

Jacqueline became an author for children books along with adult books. Some of the books she has written are Coming On Home Soon, Martin Luther King Jr, and We Had a Picnic this Sunday, she has also written many more books. She has also won many awards including The Lifetime Achivment award, four of the Newbery Honor awards, two Scott King Author awards, The Caldecott honor book award, and three Nominations for the N.B.A. She alternaided between living in Greenland and N.Y. She later got chosen for an interview (she accepted) and noted that the south was very slush and slowmoving and that the city was very fast and eletric.
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