Canada brochure

By:Amelia Thomas

Where and why do people visit/live in Canada?

In Canada, 90 percent of the whole population live at most 100 miles from the U.S. and Canadian border. Why would they do that if Canada is the second largest country in the world??? It all has to do with natural resources, trading, and climate. The natural resources such as oil, natural gas, and hydroelectric power either come from agriculture or imported goods. Since all the products are located in south Canada, that is where all the people want to live and visit.

Trading is another reason for the cause of people living in the south. Since all the farming is in the south, exports and imports come and go, so people want to be the first ones to receive them.

My last reason for why people want to live in the south, including farmers is because of the climate. The further away you are from the equator, the colder it will get. The climate near the border has warm to hot summers and cold winters, while the northern part has cold for all the seasons. This affects farming too. Now you see why 90% people want to live in the south of Canada rather than the north.

Environmental issues of Canada

Now you may think of Canada as a beautiful, not so bad place to visit, but there are also issues in Canada you might need to be aware of...

First, you must be aware of the acid rain. That comes when factories, automobiles, or trains pollute the air with sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide. When the chemicals get in the clouds and precipitation occurs, that's when acid rain occurs. It gets into the waters such as Great Lakes and harms the organisms which live there such as fish. That is one problem of Canada that you must be aware of.

Another issue that is in Canada the over mining in the Canadian Shield. Since it is the biggest industry, 85% people mine there for valuable resources such as gold, silver, zinc, or copper. Extracting and mining with heavy machinery causes damage around the land and it also ruins the whole environment. You must be aware of this as well.

One more issue to avoid is how timber is hurting the environment. How? Since the trees are everywhere, people decided to chop down most of them to have timber as their main export. The timber industry is successful because you can make many resources such as paper, plywood, and woodpulp. If people keep repeating this process, then eventually Canada would run out of timber, it will destroy the environment, and erosion will take over! This is how the timber industry is harming the environment.

This is how these issues are affecting Canada's environment. Hopefully, the people won't repeat these steps and hurt the environment more in the future!

Map of Canada -

Includes labels of the provinces and waters in Canada!!!