ROCK Newsletter

February 12, 2016 Volume 6.23

Happy Valentine's Day!


I hope you guys all have a great three day weekend! Enjoy this beautiful weather with your families and other loved ones. I sure appreciate you all.

Summer ROCK 2016 Applications went out yesterday via email. Please return these ASAP to Jeanette so she can start working on our staff schedule.

Photos this week:

  • Shannon ROCK Stars are making Valentine art with their teacher, Jean Russell.
  • Stevenson ROCK Stars made Valentines as well. (Teacher, Teresca Wenger)

You guys, ROCK!



February 15: President's Day, School Holiday/ ROCK PLUS

February 24; Early Release

March 3: SC Meeting - Time TBD

March 4: Pay roll Cut Off

March 7 - 11: Spring Break/ROCK PLUS

April 7: SC and Staff Meeting

April 8: Pay roll Cut Off

May 3: ROCK STAFF End of the Year party 7:00 p.m.

May 6: Pay roll Cut Off

June 3: Last day of School and ROCK

June 6: Mandatory Summer Staff Orientation

June 7: First day of I Spy Summer ROCK

Contact ROCK

Karen Hunter, ROCK Coordinator - 469-698-7140

Tracey King, Program Assistant - 469-698-7141

Leslie Kropp, Financial Secretary -469-698-7032

Jeanette Murrell, Lead Site Coordinator - 469-698-7035

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