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Friday, September 25th, 2015

Wonders ELA Curriculum

Next week will work on Unit 1 Week 4 of Wonders. Hopefully there is a purple hard copy of the weekly outline in your child's mail today, for some reason I can't remember if I put them in their mailbox because after school I found an extra set of hard copies in a folder I have. I will link this outline below just in case.

We will focus on:

Genre: Biography (nonfiction)

Comprehension Strategy: Ask and answer questions in text

Comprehension Skill: text structure: cause and effect

Vocabulary: metaphors

Grammar: predicates

Weekly Reading Assessments

Students took their first non-fiction reading assessment yesterday and they completed their first essay portion today to make it a little less overwhelming. Hopefully you were able to receive their detailed report through students sharing their document. This score does not include how they did on their essay. Students did not do their essay on the computer, therefore I need to manually score them. Their final score will be out of 16 points. So the essay is worth 4 points. Students will see how they did on their essay on Monday and then we'll put these tests in their mailbox to go home. Adding an essay component to these tests can be overwhelming, but I encouraged students today that they will get used to having them. It probably won't ever be their favorite part, but hopefully they'll start to feel they know what to expect. We will usually do a similar practice essay the day before (Thursday) each test (Friday), to help students be ready.

  • Please don't panic by your child's possibly lower score on this assessment, it was their first attempt at a nonfiction test, and it appears overall most students scored much lower than I anticipated they would. We'll go back over this test on Monday so students feel more comfortable with how they did and how they can improve next time. Next week will also a non-fiction test.

Library Books

If your child brought a school library book home, please make sure they remember to return it to school on Wednesday, September 30th. Our library day next week is: Thursday (Day 6). If your child hasn't had a chance to finish their book by this time, that's okay, but please still have them return it so they can renew it. Thank you!


We can check this assessment off our list for fall! Thank you for having your child here and ready to go each morning, it made accomplishing this assessment simple! No one needed to make up a test! Results for students are immediate, so if they remembered their score after each test, I hope they shared it with you. If they couldn't remember how they did, do not worry, you will be getting an individualized report for your child at our first conference. At that time, I will go over how your child did.


Here's what's ahead next week:

  • Monday- Chapter 2 Place Value test! All students should have brought home their Chapter 2 review. They have all been checked, and almost everyone has a couple mistakes to correct, but once they realize what they missed, I don't think the corrections will take them too long to do. Sometime before Monday please make sure students look over their correct responses too, so they know what to expect from the test on Monday.
  • Tuesday- Go over Chapter 2 test, start Chapter 3- Compare, Order, and Round Numbers. 3.1 Benchmark Numbers (a number that can help you estimate)
  • Wednesday- 3.2 Algebra: Compare Numbers (greater than, less than, equal to)
  • Thursday- 3.3 Order Numbers
  • Friday- 3.4 Problem Solving- Use a Bar Graph

Fire Prevention Posters

Students were given a poster piece of paper and the option to design a poster for Fire Prevention Week, September 28th-October 2nd. If you're child would still like to make a poster to enter into the contest, they may do so. It is completely optional, but if they decide to take part in this, posters are due back to school on this coming Wednesday, September 30th.

  • Winners of this contest will be announced at our Fire Prevention Assembly- Friday, October 2nd at 2:15.

Classroom Management

We are down to 2 socks! We will have a reason to celebrate in no time, I'm certain sometime next week we'll get to plan a celebration I'm sure of it! This class is doing a wonderful job helping each other out and staying on task during independent work time. What great things these students are doing to work together to make this a positive place to be!

Classroom Wish List

If you missed our classroom wish list when you visited our classroom at Back to School Night, there's a copy in your folder from that night, and it's also located on our classroom website here for you to view.

  • Some things have already been crossed off our list because a sticky note was taken at Back to School Night.
  • Other things have been donated like snacks and stickers, but I haven't crossed off our list because we'll always take more of these items!
  • If you find something on the list you'd like to donate, please let me know and I'll cross it off the list! There are a wide variety of items that can be used in our classroom! Thank you for considering!

October Book Orders

October book order flyers came home in your child's mail today. They will be due back next Friday, October 2nd. You can click on this link Scholastic to view/order online now.

Our class code is: J3PHT

DRA and Lexile Range

In the front of your child's planner you will find a DRA number and a Lexile range. These are two helpful measures students can use to help them find "good fit" books to read. In our school library, students can find the book's lexile number on the spine of the book. In our classroom library, students can find books organized by a DRA level. We determined students' DRA levels when we tested students individually on their reading- fluency and comprehension. Lexile ranges were determined from students' individual scores on their reading MAP test. These two measures are just a guide. If students find a book above their DRA level or lexile range, they can still give the book a try by using our "5 finger test." This test involves students turning to any page in the book and reading it with less than 5 mistakes.

5 Finger Test:

0-1 mistakes= Too easy

2-3 mistakes= Just right

4 mistakes= Okay to try

5 mistakes= Too hard

  • Tool for finding books in your Lexile Range: Lexile
  • Tool for finding a book's Lexile or DRA: Scholastic Book Wizard
  • Both these sites can also be located by students navigating our 3rd grade Symbaloo, which most feel comfortable doing!

Dates to Remember

Please remember every Wednesday, students are dismissed at 2:00. All other days we dismiss at 3:10.

  • Today- Friday, September 25th: Pledge Money Due
  • September 28th-October 2nd: Fire Prevention Week
  • Wednesday, September 30th: Fire Prevention Posters (Optional) Due
  • Friday, October 2nd: Fire Prevention & Character Counts- Trustworthiness Assembly 2:15
  • Friday, October 9th: Homecoming
  • Monday, October 12th: KIDS Meeting 6:30pm Elementary Library
  • Tuesday, October 13th: Andrew Bushbaum's Birthday!
  • Friday, October 16th: No School- Staff Development Day
  • Thursday, October 22nd: Bethany Fain's Birthday!
  • Friday, October 23rd: Mrs. Zaputil gone. Mrs. Hunt will be our substitute.
  • Friday, October 30th: Fall Parties

Sydney Anderson

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