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"The whole copyright issue is very touchy, especially on the Internet. In the real world, people don't steal things and just not think about it. It's much more of an afterthought on the internet."

-Max Goldberg


One day, you decided to write a proposal on a topic you are passionate about. You spent hours working on this proposal and you were so proud of it when it was finished. Because you were so proud of your work, you decided to share it online for others to see your success and asked for their opinions. The morning after sharing your proposal, you noticed that someone altered your name on the proposal and inserted their own name. How would you feel?

What is copyright law?

Copyright and Fair Use Animation

How does copyright law apply?

Copyright law is a specific protection used to protect the work of the creator. Copyright does not only apply to written words, but to music, videos and pictures as well. No other person, besides the creator, can voice ownership for the work unless given permission by the ORIGINAL author (Copyright Society, 2007). If one wanted to utilize quotes, pictures, music, videos, or any other form of creations it must be cited, even if one decides to put written information in there own words. Plagiarism, taking one's creation and presenting it as your own, is ILLEGAL!

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