The Sun

Energy that Drives Everything for Us

I'm Hungry!

The food we eat comes from the sun. Vegetables come from plants and plants wouldn't be able to grow without the energy from the sun. Animals need to eat too! They also get their food from plants just like we do. So if there were no sun, plants, animals, and people wouldn't survive.

I Need Gas!

Gasoline is a fossil fuel we use everyday to get around in our vehicles. This fuel and many others is provided by the sun. Fossil fuels come from the remains of plants and animals over millions of years ago deep in the ground. Those remains wouldn't exists without the energy from the sun.

What About the Water Cycle?

The sun's energy drives the water cycle. It starts with the sun heating up water on Earth. Vapor is formed creating clouds. The clouds provide us with precipitation. And when this precipitation falls, specifically, rain, provides our Earth with water in order for our plants to grow.


Rain sound effects by gunpanda