EE Library

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Hi there,

It’s great to be back! I can’t wait to see which books will be discovered by our students this school year.

As you begin meeting with your teams, I wanted to share thoughts, changes and just some general library information with you:

  • classes start the week of September 9
  • let me know if you are starting a new reading program in your grade level that the library can support you with
  • the library will not carry any more professional magazines for teachers (if you want back issues of Mailbox, let me know)
  • I will share a Google form with you for book suggestions. I would love to have your input regarding materials needed to support your curriculum
  • remember that Charlotte and I are here to pull materials for you :) Just give us an idea of what you need or send us a specific list~
  • will you be assigning projects requiring research? Let me know how I can help! Wish your students could have some specific lessons about technology or digital citizenship? Send me an e-mail and I will teach it~
  • students are still welcome to come outside of their scheduled library time to check out books. If you need them back in class by a certain time, please send a note with them letting me know
  • sadly, our therapy dog Oakley passed away this summer...we are contacting the Austin Dog Alliance to request other canine reading companion. As soon as I connect with a new handler/dog, I’ll let you know!

As always, thanks for your flexibility and support,



ps. Check out the Libguides link below. It's still under construction but you will get the gist of all the wonderful features it has for you and your students.

I'll share more about it in September~