Mac Cranmer VSP Project

5th period

Mission statement

I am best when I listen, I find enjoyment in my personal life when I'm with friends, i can do anything if i put my mind to it, My life's journey is being an overall good person and care for others. I will constantly renew myself by foucising on my ability to work hard, express my religious views, and care for others

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Core values

My most important core values are family, spirtituality, friends. My family is the most important thing to even though we fight some times we love each other. Spirituality is very important because being christian is a big part of me. Lastly my friends are really important because when we are hanging out we always have fun.
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Standards and principals

Always respect people

Listen to what people say

Dont be judgmental about people

Show you care

Have empathy/symapthy

Always work hard

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