My 2014-2015 School Year

The year I started middle school. by Maddie Ford Period 4


This year I started doing drama. I also found myself in a new group of friends. I had started middle school which was a big change.


This year I started doing drama. I was in both of the school plays and got into a play I auditioned for this summer at North Coast Repertory Theatre.
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New group of friends

When I started doing theatre, my old sporty friends that I used to connect with I didn't connect with as much. I am in a new group of friends that I met in the plays that are super great.
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New School

I started a new school which was scary at first. Eventually, I adjusted and now I love being a middle schooler.


Overall, Joining a new school, finding a new group of friends, and starting theatre were scary at first. However, they were great decisions that impacted my life greatly in a positive way and I couldn't be happier.