Bobcat Bulletin

May 16, 2021

Mark Your Calendars:

  • 5/19: 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony @8:45am (8th Grade ONLY 12:05pm dismissal)
  • 5/20: Last Day of School! 12:05pm Dismissal Day

From Our PTSA...

  • Our next meeting is on Monday, May 17th at 6:30pm in the Community Center parking lot.
  • BACK TO SCHOOL SUPPLY KITS: Make Back to School simple by ordering your school supplies now. Click here for more details...


  • YEARBOOKS: Yearbooks will be distributed to students who ordered online on Friday. If your child would like to purchase a yearbook, they will be for sale outside of Mrs. Larson's classroom (room 405) on Monday after school. The cost is $30, cash only. We will continue to sell yearbooks throughout next week until they are gone.
  • MEET THE TEACHER EVENT IN AUGUST: We look forward to hosting an in-person meet the teacher event in August. Stay tuned throughout the summer for dates and details.


May 17: NEON Day to celebrate DIVERSITY

May 18: Wear BLUE to celebrate GENEROSITY

May 19: Wear WHITE to celebrate UNITY

May 20: Wear BOBCATS GEAR to celebrate school spirit!

From the Desk of Mrs. Crabbs:

I am overwhelmed at the response to our first in person book fair since October 2019. I set a goal of 1,125 books, mostly based on what my counterparts did elsewhere in the district. Not only did we meet the goal, we dramatically exceeded it with a whopping 1,819 books in kids' hands for summer reading! Wow! Thank you for the support and generosity! It will go a long way to purchasing new books for next school year! If you have an ewallet that still has a balance, it will roll over to the October 2021 book fair or you can use it online. Book orders $25 or more will receive free shipping to your home! The choice is yours! Have a great summer break! - Mrs. Crabbs

All Things EQ (from the Founder, Danna Evans):

Our final motto for this school year is:

I learn more by truly listening to others.

I once had a relative complain to me about how kids today (which meant my kids) spend too much time on their phones and don't interact with other people enough. I was frustrated by the comment because I had permitted my children to go on their phones only after they had done a solid hour of visiting.

Then it hit me! Their "visiting" was just a polite physical presence. They appeared to be listening, but truthfully, they were zoning out. While I was impressed with how well they sat quietly when bored because it was an act of respect, I knew we could do better!

Listening is an essential part of any conversation, and strong conversation skills are an asset in life. However, telling our kids to listen is not as helpful as providing a framework for them to practice their communication skills. I love the Ask 3 & Tell 3 tool and share it each year.

You simply ask your children to share three things about themselves and to learn three things about the person they are speaking with when you have friends or family over. This practical tool helps your children interact with others, and summertime is the perfect opportunity.

When I first started Ask 3 & Tell 3 with my kids, they rolled their eyes at me, and I recall bribing them the first time with a promise of Dairy Queen if they could tell me three facts about each person. However, it worked, and they began interacting more! Not only did this help them improve their communication skills, but it also helped them forge stronger bonds with family, friends, and relatives.

Raising children isn't easy. We are all doing the best we can, and I want to thank you for being part of a community where we support one another and bring the best of all of us to our kids!

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