Salt water oil-Drilling

By: Ethan Maag

The Salt Water Biome

The salt water biome consist of the ocean, seas, gulfs, and marshes that connect to the oceans. The salt water biome is what 72% of the earths surface is made up of. There are 5 main oceans that make up the salt water biome. in this biome there are 230,000 known species of plants and animals, there is said to possibly be thousands more but we have not discovered them due to the vastness of the area.

Offshore Oil-Drilling

Offshore oil drilling is an oil extraction technique which allows oil companies to access deposits of oil buried under the ocean floor. Most typically, offshore drilling sites are situated over the continental shelf, although advancements in drilling technology have made platforms even further out to sea

Description of negative impacts

  1. If an oil spill were to happen it could possibly destroy the areas ecosystem by killing off plants and animals. it kills the plants and animals by smothering them because the oil is so thick. it can also kill them with the poisonous compounds that make up oil.
  2. people this that it is very unappealing to the eyes to see oil rigs scatted along the cost.

Negative and positive impacts of Oil-Drilling

Negative impacts of oil-drilling include

  • possibilities of oil spills
  • ugly and unappealing to look at
  • can harm marine wildlife
  • very expensive

The Positives of Oil-drilling

  • it provides habitat for fish and other marine wildlife
  • it creates jobs for people
  • it produces a large amount of the oil we use everyday
  • taxes on oil rigs provide the government a large source of revenue

Description of the positive impacts

  1. a very positive impact of having oil rigs in the ocean is it provides very good habitat for fish and other marine wildlife such as seagulls, pelicans and barnacles. It provides such good habitat that states have encouraged oil companies to leave the supports of the old oil rigs on the ocean floor to keep that habitat.
  2. another positive is it creates many jobs for people and is a large source of income for lots of people. this is good because it allows the economy to flourish in areas where other wise it wouldn't.

Solution to fix the negative ones

The solutions that i came up with to fix the negative aspects of offshore oil-drilling include creating a safer way to to extract the oil from the ocean floor lessening the risk of an oil spill. The other possible solution would include only drilling for oil on land. The only way that you could make an oil rig look better is either move them out farther to where people cant see or have the oil companies decorate them.
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