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It was October 6th 1999 when....

“Jury Charges 3, One a Bank Aide, in Russian Case”

This article explains about an illegal money laundering that happened in the Bank of New York. Three people, who were Russian immigrants, were indictment. Lucy Edwards, her husband, Peter Berlin, and Aleksey Volkov all had high positions in the Bank of New York moved large sums of money daily for over 3 and a half years. It was investigated that the money was transferred to connected banks and then quickly abroad somewhere else. They haven’t been arrested yet but could face charges of 15 years imprisonment, fines from $250,000- $750,000, and forfeiture of frozen bank accounts. The situation was still being investigated and for the time the charged resided in London but Aleksey’s whereabouts were not revealed.

“Both Parties Seek a Graceful Way To Put Off a Nuclear Treaty Vote”

In this article congress has debated about bringing down a treaty to ban nuclear testing underground. The House knew the Senate would not have the votes to pass the treaty so they tried to find a way to secretly dismiss the treaty. There was much confliction because turning down this treaty could look bad internationally: it could make us look like we were doing something lucrative with nuclear testing and have other countries become suspicious. On congressman proposed they hold it off until after the elections when there is a new administration but that didn’t go over. There was also some tension in how the votes would go down. Even though majority of the Republicans would vote against it you still had some indecisive Republicans. Also the Democrats were all for it because it brought out treaties that have been shelved for a long time. Congress planned to have votes in the upcoming week.

“Michigan Utilities Merge: Merger keeps 2 great names home”

The article explains that the MCN Energy Group has merged into DTE Energy Company due to the deregulation. This helped because it caused less disruption with the workers and can create the opportunity for a stronger company. Also it’s predicted that the amount of energy companies in the country will drop drastically in the next five years. This would happen because of small, weak companies like MCN that need to merge because they aren’t able to compete with the bigger companies, thus creating a lot more stronger companies and better competition. With this merge Michigan now has another strong competitor in the utility industry. However, with this new merge the company has to figure out how to gain more investments. Although DTE is a good company its stocks don’t show for it. It is stated that the companies must merge quickly and effectively so that they don’t become acquirers rather than acquirees .

“Patients rights battles rages”

In this article the debate whether patients should have the right to sue insurance companies for denied treatments or not is expressed. It was said that there are two sides to the debate: If patients did have the right they could lose coverage on their insurance or If they didn’t iit could cause the uninsured rate to go up and increase the rates on insurance. “Current federal law generally allows lawsuits to recover only the cost of the denied treatment” Although there is some patients rights protection it’s through a series of appeals and cannot sue in state court. Even if patients had the right some argued it might have the opposite effect of what is wanted: having insurance liable causes physicians to be managed when determining the coverage. There were even people who experienced this, one of them was a congressman Michael Pesendorfer and his mom. Pesendorfer’s mom was prescribed a bone marrow transplant to fight off ovarian cancer and was denied by her healthcare plan. Even though she received treatment it was too late and she died at 59. So at the time Congress was still in debate about patients rights.

“Heading for a showdown: National title not farfetched 2 key wins by U-M and the Wolverines have another shot”

This article talked about the Bowl Championship Series for college football. It was predicted that University of Michigan had a really good chance of making it all the way to the finals if they beat Michigan State University in the next game. Winning this game was very crucial for University of Michigan due to the fact that could achieve a high ranking of being number one in the country. Also losing to Michigan State was nerve racking because it would mean the end of the season for them. This article shows that people had very high respect for University of Michigan and expected them to win and do well.

How Much Do You Know About The Year 1999???

Then and Now: Comparing the Teenage Years

The most important thing that stood out in my parents era was the music. My mom said it really shaped life for them because you had the first boy band of there time, New Edition followed by New Kids on the Block. My dad said it's pretty similiar teenagers now and back then ".. you thought you knew everything and didn't want to listen your parents and found out the hard way that they were right". Also stated that today we have a lot more information that cannot be processed or consumed and back then they had less information so kids could be more imaginative. My mom said there wasn't any texting, or hashtagging, etc. not even calling on the phone: Phones weren't the big necessity back then. It goes to show how much society shapes what became necessary to function. Now, she says, we literally can't function in school if we don't know the basics about blogging, usage of computers, hashtagging, etc. She said back then you would only really need that knowledge for jobs and work. I asked them what did they do for recreational time and my dad responded with "go outside and play" and my mom added "going to the mall with friends or to the movies or hanging out at home". My Dad also said that black culture has become more prominent today than back then most likely due to the hip hop surge that occurred and that you didn't hear songs like All About that Base and things like twerking. When people danced they had a dance routine so people would know you could dance, you didn't just go out there and bob your head and the songs they had lasted a really long time (13 minutes).

Life in the 70's

Top tv shows: Good Times, the Jeffersons, Fat Albert, Sanford and Son, Hill Street Blues, and the Dukes of Hazzard

Top children’s toys: Sit ‘n’ Spin, the Big Wheel, Barbie

Fashion Trends: suede clothing, bellbottoms

The Most Popular Modern Automobiles: The Pinto and the Yugo, Chrysler well really the cadillac… Electra 225 better know as the deuce and a quarter

Top Songs: Michael Jackson, Earth, Wind, and Fire, Flashlight by Parliament, Brick House by The Commodores, and Jungle Boogie by Kool and the Gang

Housing: 13000 dollars

Fun Facts About Me

fahion trends: Overalls

tv shows- wiggles, barney, teletubbies, law and order, family guy

popular movies- mattrix, star wars phantom menace, toy story 2, the mummy, tarzan

top songs- believe by cher, genie in a bottle by christina A, livin la vida loca, baby one more time britney spears, if you had my love jennifer lopez

shared birthdays- Amy Jo Johnson and Roshan Fegan

popular children's toys- Barbie Dream house and play computers

top books- perks of being a wallflower, harry potter prisoner of azcaban, speak

The Interview

Any important events during the year I was born? Every one was waiting for the world to end (y2k). People were getting jugs of water and food batteries and flashlights.

What was hapenning politally? There was another conservative wave taking place. George W. Bush was about to be elected into office.

Don't ask dont tell policiy was big and linked to a low to no tolerance of gays or lesbians.

What was big in technology?

Internet was big thing, also global warming

People had cell phones but they were not the big thing.

You didn't have to have cable to hav of good reception on tv.

There were microwaves but people thought you could get cancer from them.

Y2K/ The Millenium Bug

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Y2k, which means the year two thousand, was a problem in the coding of computer systems. Computers registered dates by two digits instead of all four two save memory space. So when the year 2000 thousand came it would register as ‘00 which the computer would process it as 1900 instead of 2000. If the computer systems could register the right date then the operating system wouldn’t function correctly.

It was thought that the misreading would cause software and hardware failures in important sections: banking, utility systems, government records and so much more. The banking area was thought to be the most affected because they used mainframe computers. Mainframe was considered to be most vulnerable at the time. It also affected many devices with computer chips. From things like elevators, to temperature control devices in facilities, to medical equipment anything with a computer chip was at risk.

Many computer systems were fixed by updating the hardware or software. However, the government was lagging behind in this process. President Bill Clinton signed the Year 2000 Information and Readiness Disclosure Act in order to get companies to share information on how to fix the software and hardware. In return companies were given limited liability protection. The U.S Government used a three step process to go about the problem: 1) outreach and advocacy 2) monitoring and assessment 3) Contingency Planning and Regulation. Other ways to fix the problem was through date expansion, date re-partitioning, or windowing. Date expansion would have computer systems not abbreviate the years with two digits but use all four. Although this solution was simple and easy it would require much funding and was too expensive. Date re-partitioning were for databases whose size couldn't be changed. It would change the six digit code (yy/mm/dd) to 3 digit years and 3 digit days. This would only cause another problem similar to y2k in the year 2899. Not only this crisis affect the U.S but other countries as well.

Other eastern countries experience troubles with the y2k bug. Western Europe thought to experience cross-border problem with reading 2000. They had their armed forces ready to help local police if there was any difficulties with transportation of goods, utilities or emergency systems. In Asia they were experiencing an ongoing economic crisis so their small and isolated islands were thought to have been less prepared for y2k.

With all this going on how did the people of America act? Many people hid themselves in bunkers, stored up tons of non perishable items and gallons of water. People were afraid that this would be the end of the world as we know. That their computers might explode. Everyone was preparing for the worst when in reality not much happened and $300 billion was spent on upgrading computer programs to be compatible with y2k systems.

Y2K is still relevant today in relation to other “end of the world situations”. It was predicted in the year 2012 the world would end because that is when the Mayan Calendar ended it 5, 126 year count. Many believed there to be catastrophic events that would take place or events similar to the end of the world. Although many people believed this to be the end of the world, many researchers and scholars of Mayan culture said otherwise; the Mayans weren’t predicting the end of the world and that it continue another cycle of 7,000 years after this one. They saw this ‘2012’ as a fabrication of people's imagination.

There were many reactions to this event. Many websites were posted on the subject and people asked many questions about it. In some towns in Europe it was predicted to have many visitors because people believed that pyramidal structures would emit a powerful force shield to protect those who were in side. In Asia people store up and raided store for candles and lights because of the anticipation of coming darkness. Also a Christian cult was arrested for trying say it was time to overthrow the communist government. In America some schools were closed early before Christmas break due to the rumors of 2012.

Mars Climate Orbiter

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A robotic space probe was launched by NASA on December 11, 1998. It was meant to study the climate, atmosphere, and surface changes of Mars. Also act as communication for the Mars Polar Lander. On September 23, 1999 communication with this probe was lost as it went into a orbit too close to Mars atmosphere and caused it to disintegrate.

NASA began working with smaller and less expensive probes for planetary mission when they lost the Mars Observer and cost began to rise. The Orbiter was 2.1 x 1.6 x 2 meters. It was powered with a three paneled solar array. The design was mostly influenced from the book Technology for Small Spacecraft.

Major causes for the Orbiter were human errors. When calculating the trajectory orbit for the probe the minimum altitude for the probe was higher than what the orbit would take the probe. Thus, causing it to disintegrate. Also the main problem was that there were two different systems being used. There were calculations for pounds/ second and newtons/ second. Also when some people noticed their concerns were pushed off.

Right now NASA is preparing to launch for Mars in March of 2016. It is called InSight which stands for Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport. It is about the size of a car and will be used to explore the interior of the planet to learn how rocky planets are formed and evolved. It will go through much testing to see how well it will do under Mars tough atmosphere.


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