Our coral reefs need YOUR help!

Delaney Morrison

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Florida is in danger?!

Because of climate change (caused mostly by air pollution) the ocean has taken a direct hit. The easier change to see is the change in sea temperatures, but do you know whats happening under the water you swim in? Coral bleaching, that's what. This is a process is when coral is turning white and dying, casing loss in habitat for fish. This can lead to fishes death and fishing in Florida can become weaker, losing tourist. Coral reefs are just the start, attack the problem at its start, don't let this get worse.

Save the reefs

YOU can change this! If you just do these 3 little things, 1. don't smoke 2. walk more drive less 3. have a 'green' society. These things will limit air pollution, preventing climate change. The coral reefs are the home fish and other ocean animals live in, don't take their home, save it.

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