Mr. Delivery

Jed Padoa

Type Of Business

Sole Proprietorship

I want my business to be a sole proprietorship because it is easy to create and I do not have to share my profits with anyone.

Our business delivers small items like food and clothing on behalf of other businesses that offer a delivery service.


As the sole owner I have unlimited liability, meaning I can be personally held liable for any debts or obligations of the business. Every business decision falls on my shoulders. I can overcome this by building an organized business that is designed to have little flaws and hiring good workers and staff so that we do not have any legal issues.

Labor Unions

My business will not have a labor union because I intend to take care of my employees and pay them the appropriate wages for their jobs. I will give all my employees my email address and their complaints and concerns will come straight to me.

Going Green

In order to help take care of our community our business will deliver only through small electric bikes and cars. This eliminates Carbon Dioxide emissions and eliminates the need to pay for gas at the same time.