Bear Tracks

Weekly information for Bear Tavern - October 2, 2015

Note from the Principal

Happy Friday Bear Tavern Staff,

Congratulations on our first full week of school this year!

Over the summer, the PTO decided to support us in our idea to raise trout at Bear Tavern. We are participating in the Trout in the Classroom Program in which we'll be raising Rainbow Trout from October until June, then release them. The eggs will be delivered on 10/7, and the trout require some very specific conditions. One of the most important is that the water needs to be very cold (52-54 degrees). Of the many supplies and parts that are needed to participate is a 'chiller' to keep the water at a consistent, cold temperature.

Well, our chiller has been on back order for a month and will not be here until Tuesday, the day before egg day, not enough time to get the water right. Chillers are very rare, so all of our pet store calls came up empty and there wasn't much hope earlier this week. After some emails and help from the head of the program, we found a person just beyond Howell, with a chiller that he could loan us. I gave him a call, excited that we had hope, but deep down knowing that my Friday afternoon would be shot having to pick it up. After a brief phone conversation, not only did Paul (that is his name) volunteer to come down and drop it off, because he was visiting some other schools, but he also volunteered to help us set it up and get us up and running!

I tell you this for two reasons. As we have been telling the kids, if you don't give up and keep trying, you can always find a way. But way more importantly, we are all capable of making a huge difference and of making the world (or school, or classroom) around us better. Because of Paul's generosity and helpfulness, our students can continue to get excited and can have a great experience this year. I'm looking forward to trying to pass it on and help someone else the way that Paul helped us!

Happy Friday. Have a great weekend!



Special Reminders & Upcoming Dates

**Please be on the look out for a box of Orton Gillingham materials!!! It has Carmen Wilson's name on it and is very important. If you see it or have seen it, please let the office know ASAP - any information that leads to the recovery of the box will be rewarded with one extra casual day!!!**


  • WEEK OF RESPECT- I'd like to thank the Safety Committee for working hard to plan a great week. A memo will go out with specifics, but the bear bones are as follows: Monday - wear blue, Friday - wear BT shirts, Daily announcements/talking points, 'Hands are for Helping' poster activity, daily music in am bus loop, library display.
  • Trout Day is October 7th!!! I will send information in a stand alone trout email explaining what the "Trout in the Classroom" program is all about and provide some useful resources. In essence, we will have our 4th graders act as the 'point people' for feeding and maintenance, but the trout tank will be for EVERYONE. Please feel free to utilize it in any way that you'd like; you may want to have your children observe the tank, do research, etc. There is no minimum or maximum participation level, but I'll help you incorporate them in any way you'd like.
  • Halloween - See below for the survey results. We will be having the parade in the AM again this year. I will distribute exact schedules shortly, but want to give you a heads up. We will set a school-wide theme for staff, but it will not be mandatory. This year's theme will be - CREATE YOUR OWN SUPERHERO. Think about what super power you have or would like to have and create a character! It will be a great way to appeal to everyone and to model some creativity and ingenuity. Let me know if you have any questions.
  • Observations - see the blurb and links below to review information from Mr. Suozzo's prior emails.
  • Remind - sign up for text messages if you have not. Text @btstaff to 81010.
  • Don't forget to 'post' your lesson plans. Plans must be posted before they are taught (could be night before), especially in the case of observations (announced or unannounced).
  • DEN GROUPS - They are almost here! We will have a whole school morning meeting 10/19 to kick off anti-violence week. We'll have a special activity planned for the first meeting. More information will come, but we will be officially starting this month! The Character Committee has been working hard!
  • POSITIVE STUDENT REFERRALS - Keep them coming!
  • Twitter - Don't lose momentum. We had such a strong September. Continue to tweet out activities, updates and photos, don't forget to include #BearTavernPride. We are showing the community how incredible Bear Tavern is!!!


Friday 2-Oct - Emergency Sub Plans (guest teacher) due

Friday 2-Oct - Reader's Breakfast

Monday 5-Oct - Tier 3, WIN begin

Monday 5- Oct - Beartanical Garden Cleanup 10 am - 12 pm

Wednesday 7-Oct - Picture Day

Wednesday 7-Oct - Principal's Cabinet

Thursday 8-Oct - Picture Day

Friday 9-Oct - Pre School Collab Day

Monday 12-Oct - PD Day

Wednesday 14-Oct - Grade Level Meetings

Monday 19-Oct - Whole School MM / Den Group Kick off / Fac Mtg

Tuesday 20-Oct - Olivia Wahl 5th Grade

Wednesday 21-Oct - Olivia Wahl 4th Grade

Wednesday 21-Oct - Signature Guy Assembly click here for more info

Thursday 22-Oct - Olivia Wahl 3rd Grade

Thursday 22-Oct - 2nd Grade to NJ State Museum

Monday 26-Oct - 90 minute contracted mtg.

Friday 30-Oct - SGOs due and entered in OnCourse

Friday 30-Oct - Halloween Parade

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Long Observations

Just a reminder as we begin observations this year:

From Tony Suozzo's handout - changes were made this year in the observation structure.Please note that long observations include Domains 1 & 4. No longer will you need to complete a summary and evidence/artifacts in the spring - so please take your pre-observation form seriously.

Helpful Links:
Q&A for Long Observations

Staff Evaluation Questions and Answers

Quote of the Week:

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Article of the Week:

Tweet of the Week (to highlight great ideas & people to follow)

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Tech Tip of the Week

Two Minute Tech: Watchkin