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September 14-18

Welcome Families! / Bienvenidas familias!

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Art Supplies Needed

Each learner (both face to face and virtual) will need the following supplies for art this year:

  • black sharpie
  • watercolors (stored in a gallon plastic baggie)
  • oil pastels
  • sketchbook

Face to Face Learners

  • Please come straight to the classroom between 7:20-7:40. If you would like breakfast, you may go to the cafe starting at 7:20.
  • Please make sure you bring at least 2 clean masks each day.
  • Please make sure you bring a healthy snack for yourself each day.
  • Please make sure you have your lunch if you plan to bring it (no late lunches).

Virtual Learner Lunch Pickup

Sign up for our weekly bundle meals! A once-weekly pickup option containing 5 breakfast meals & 5 lunch meals for the following 5 school days. Deadline to order is September 8th by 3:00 PM. Sign up is required. Go to http://go.coppellisd.com/CurbsideOrderForm for more information.
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What are we learning this week?¿Qué estamos aprendiendo esta semana?

Language Arts / Artes De Lenguaje

We will continue learning about thinking more deeply about characters and do some small moments writing about our lives. On Friday, we will take the post assessment in reading for Unit 1.

Estamos aprendiendo como pensar más profundamente acerca de los personajes y la escritura narrativa.

Vocabulary / Vocabulario:

metacognition / metacognición

schema / concocimiento previo

character / personaje

genre / Género

writing process /proceso de escritura

draft / borrador

revise / revisar

edit / editar

publish /publicar

personal narrative / narrativa personal

Math / Matemáticas

We are continuing to learn about place value to the billions including comparing and rounding numbers. There will be a post-assessment on Wednesday on what we have covered so far in this unit.

Estamos aprendiendo sobre el valor posicional hasta los miles de millones.

Vocabulary / Vocabulario:

place value / valor posicional

period / periodo

digit / dígito

column / columna

number / número

units / unidades

thousands / millares

millions / millones

billions / miles de millones

comma / coma

comparison / comparación

order / orden

sequence / secuencia

number line / recta numérica

Science / Ciencias

We are learning about mixtures and solutions this week.

Aprenderemos acerca de los estados de la materia, mediciones, observaciones, etc.

Vocabulary / Vocabulario:

Mass / masa

Volume / volumen
State of Matter / estados de la materia
Solid / sólido
Liquid / líquido
Gas / gas
Melting / derretir
Condensing / condensar

Mixture / mezcla
Solution / solución
Size / tamaño
Float / flotar
Magnetism / magnetismo
Matter / materia
Physical Properties / propiedades físicas
Sink / hundirse
Temperature / temperatura

Social Studies / Estudios Sociales

We will finish our regions of Texas unit with a flyer project.

Estamos aprendiendo sobre las 4 regiones de Texas.

Vocabulary / Vocabulario:

region / región

state / estado

Coastal Plains / Planicies Costeras

Mountains & Basins / montañas y cuencas

North Central Plains / Planicies centrales del norte

Great Plains / grandes planicies

map / mapa

legend compass / leyenda de la brújula

symbol / símbolo

landforms / accidentes geográficos

climates / clima

natural resources / recursos naturales

vegetation / vegetación

population / población

agriculture / agricultura

wildlife habitats / habitats de la vida silvestre

Upcoming Events

Virtual PTO Meeting Zoom

Monday, Sep. 14th, 5pm

This is an online event.

Link will be provided soon.

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