Sully's Challenge

Making a Commitment to Health

Get out those tennis shoes and stock up on healthy foods! For each day that you work out and each pound or inch that you lose, please donate $1! We will continue in our fitness and nutrition goals while growing funds until June 1st at which time we will be able to help the Knutsons as well with baby Sully's medical expenses. It doesn't get any better than this. Please join us in this challenge and spread the word!

About the Knutson's miracle, baby Sully:

Sully was born on January 24th, 2013. After a very traumatic delivery and urgent flight to Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis it was determined his left kidney had ruptured due to his traumatic birth. Once examined at Children’s he was diagnosed with a very rare renal condition called Posterior Urethral Valves (PUV). Only 1 in 10,000 cases occur on average and Sully has an extreme overall condition due to the rupture of his kidney. The connection between Sully’s kidneys and bladder are blocked and both of his kidneys were damaged and are now diseased due to his condition. This pressure his body endured has also caused his bladder to be malformed, it too will require surgical procedures in attempt to repair it. Little Sully is just starting on a long and very uncertain path. His particular conditions do not have a clear treatment plan and at this point there is no sure outcome. They will need to perform more surgical procedures in the coming months along with years of observation and treatment as it arises. Sully is truly a miracle & blessing to his family. As you can imagine, Sully’s family has and will continue to incur many medical bills. This combined with travel and ongoing living expenses becomes overwhelming, even with medical insurance. The intent behind this fitness challenge is to help defray some these expenses, allowing the family to concentrate on Sully’s care and treatment and above all what is most important - each other. Cash/checks can be brought to Phatty Natties in Fergus Falls for the Sully's Challenge Jar or checks can be made out to "Sully Knutson Benefit" and mailed to: Maria Hanson, 919 W. Everett Ave., Fergus Falls MN 56537. Questions can be sent to So get out those tennis shoes, stock up on healthy foods and make a commitment not only to your health, but to Sully's health as well! THANK YOU!!!

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