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Monday, May 16, 2016

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.

Albert Einstein


Thanks to our wonderful lunchroom supervisors as we celebrated School Lunch Hero Day last week! Thanks to those that showed appreciation and especially to Marcia and Maureen for leading us in thanking our lunchroom supervisors! One student wrote "You are brave" as a note to one of them. So true!

Teacher Appreciation Week

I hope everyone had received some token of appreciation from a student or parent last week.

You are in a special position to positively impact the lives of children, which brought you into this profession. You hold the unique power to lift all students up and to promote a love of learning.

If you weren't thanked, THANK YOU! You are appreciated each and everyday.


Thank you for taking the time to complete the Self-Reflection. The self-reflection is important to you as it allows you to examine your work in relation to the standards. You will be asked to complete the self-reflection at the start of next year. One of the many great things about education is that it is a field that allows us to always start over. I trust that each of you will focus on some area of teaching and learning to focus on during the summer. Some will attend a workshop, some will read a book on a specific topic, and some will gather with colleagues for summer planning. As you complete the self-reflection next year, you complete it through a different lens, which will bring guidance to your work.

FOCUS in 2016-2017

Our Academic Transformation Plan remains the backbone of our work. Our goal is to increase student growth and progress towards college and career readiness and we do that through F.O.C.U.S. I am meeting with members of our 2016-2017 School Improvement Team on Monday to discuss plans for next school year. I am asking them to develop a mantra to guide our work next year.

Our work will focus upon the learner as we continue to make connections to F.O.C.U.S. We are going to use mid-day collaboration differently next school year. Certified staff will meet as groups and we will have focused learning sessions. For example, in September we will do a book study that culminates in a visit from the author of the book that we will read (September 23). After the book study we will focus on ways to meet the needs of diverse learners (special education, gifted, and second language learners). We will focus on what learning looks like and what our learners need to work in an optimal learning environment. PLC meetings will carry that same focus on the learner as the work relates to our advancement as educators. Cyndi will join all PLC meetings next year. Nicole DeLambo will join third through sixth grade PLC meetings, which will be held on Thursday.

You have been sent dates for Hispanic Heritage Month and Black History Month. Open the calendar for information and suggestions to integrate activities into the school day.

Teacher To Do Items

  • All self-reflections are complete. If you haven't met with me, please see Lynda to schedule a time when you can share your self-reflection.
  • Get the most out of your time with Michelle Stone!
  • Begin working on class lists. TEACHERS, IF YOU ARE AWARE OF A STUDENT WHO IS NOT RETURING AND NOT ON THE LIST I GAVE YOU, CAN YOU PLEASE LET LYNDA KNOW? WE NEED TO VERIFY THEIR STATUS. Classroom teachers will place their recommendations on chart/butcher block paper. They will present them to everyone on 5/23. A carousel feedback structure will be used where grade levels post their lists around the LRC (on lockers) and others share input as we go around to each class list.
  • Complete STAR and AIMSweb testing. Double check to make sure all students are complete by Friday (all make-ups are done).
  • Update student goal sheets and celebrate the attainment of those goals. Did we live up to our mission and vision (see below)? If so, what do you attribute that success to? If not, what impeded our ability to ensure growth and how do we alter future practice?
  • K-2 - Complete your awards for each student for June 2.

A Glance at the Week Ahead

Monday - Inez Berman's Birthday!!!

Monday - 2016-2017 School Improvement Team

Monday - I will be out in the afternoon (KIDS Training)

Monday - Certified Staff Meeting - Self-Reflection

Tuesday - I will be out in the morning - Admin Meeting

Tuesday - Book Fair Preview

Tuesday Night - Pinot and Paint!

Wednesday - I will be out all day - Next Generation Science Committee Meeting

Wednesday - Friday - Book Fair

Sipley Mission

The John L. Sipley School community will work collaboratively to ensure that all children reach their maximum academic and social emotional potential, empowering students to be life-long learners.

Sipley Vision

Each student at John L. Sipley School will meet or exceed his or her own expected rate of growth in all subject areas.

Inspiring Education and Innovation

In partnership with family and community, Woodridge School District 68 provides a comprehensive educational foundation for all children in a safe, caring environment, preparing them to be productive, responsible, and successful members of society.

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