Software Developer

$102,550 per year


What advice would you give someone interested in this job?

Be open minded, be creative, and be unique. think about the real world today and tomorrow. try to imagine people using the software you are creating

(W.I.S.E. refseek)

Why would someone want this job?

People would like to be software designers because it is what they would like to do and what they would do best at. Also, they may want to understand technology better and learn how to use new and advanced technology

How many people are currently employed In this career?

From 2012 there has been about 1 million jobs or people employed.

What does someone who has this job do?

Build and design computer programs to help organize and make work efficient

(national career service refseek)

What type of person would do well in this job?

A person suited for this type of job would be a well educated person with a bachelor's degree.

Software Developer Job Description