Stages of Government

Primitive Communism - Stage 1

With the primitive communism form of government, everyone was split up into hunter-gatherer societies. Everyone shared land and anything you needed you could get from almost anyone, because everything was shared. The leader of these groups would be the oldest hunter or the best hunter in the group.

What made this form of government was agriculture, domestication of animals, and their idea of having private property.

An example of this type of government is the Native Americans.

Slave Society - Stage 2

This form of government was people split into two classes, slaves and owners, the owners would conquer someone else's empire, making theirs bigger, and the empire would gain slaves. When their slaves kept dying out, they didn't have anyone to help them because the slaves children weren't slaves, that and the fact that the empires would get so huge that the farther corners of the empire would form their own society and everything crumble, meaning slave societies came to a close.

An example of this government was the Roman Empire.

Feudalism - Stage 3

In feudalism, there are nobles and peasants, they're very strict classes, these communities would live in small groups around their leaders. Which were kings and queens. It was very hard for anyone to change classes because if you were born a peasant, then you most likely won't have even the chance to become a noble. Sort of the same thing with being born a noble, you most likely won't drop down to being a peasant. But what shook this government up was that some of the peasants were merchants, and they wouldn't fall into a class, and they'd have as much money as some nobles, and no one wanted to continue to live like that. So they changed things around.

An example of this government was Great Britain.

Capitalism - Stage 4

With capitalism, the employers were in full control of their land and business. Many business owners were greedy and would go to other locations and steal the goods they needed, so it was cheaper for them and they didn't have to spend much. They would also not pay their workers what they actually made, and only gave them a fraction of what they really earned. This got the workers fired up when they found out they didn't get paid nearly as much as their employers did, so they started to complain and then everyone really just stopped treating their workers like this as much, and moved on.

An example of this government tested is Canada.

Socialism - Stage 5

Socialism is where everyone's job is like volunteering, because you don't get paid. But everything you need is provided and free. Every decision is decided by everyone because everyone has a say about what happens in the community. No one has more or less of something than another because everything is shared and fair, if this works well, the community will move on to communism.

An example of this government tried is Sweden.

Communism - Stage 6

Communism is where everything you need is provided for you and everyone else gets the exact same as you do. Property is owned by everyone, and everyone is paid the same even if they don't work as hard at the same job as someone else.