Eritrea is located in the horn of Africa. The capital is Asmara, and it is bordered by Sudan to the west, and Ethiopia to the East.

Climate review

Eritrea has a variety of climates due to the varying altitudes. The variation is rapid throughout the day, it is possible to experience three different seasons in just two hours.


As of 2013 the population in Eritrea was at 6.33 million.

Water problems and source

The country faces a water shortage all over the country. There are many dried of river beds. The main means of getting fresh water in Eritrea is retrieving it from the ground.

Retrieving water

The access of water in Eritrea is limited to the runoff that rainfall provides sufficient for drinking. The means of accessing this water is in the underground water is similar to a filtered well.

Quality of water

The water quality is rather high compared to the many countries in Africa. Roughly 85% of Eritrea's population has access to clean water.


UNEP or the United nations Environment programme, is trying to implement a more efficient way for the citizens to access clean water. The idea is to incorporate a roof catchment in Eritrea so that people will be able to access water at their door step.

Pictures of Eritrea


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