Robot Wars Mini Competition

Compete to get a chance to enter the Robot Wars show!

Watch your handcrafted robot fight to the death with the other bots!

Try fighting the toughest, meanest, and the greatest robots by other competitors if you dare...

We highly suggest your team to create your robot to be mean and tough as well...

If you do win, you will get to enter the Robot Wars championships!

top left: Sergeant Bash, one of the powerful robots that appears as a house robot in the show Robot Wars.

Watch the video below to see how tough we suggest you for your bot to be.

Robot Wars Extreme Series 1- Episode 1

Guide for a strong robot

I would follow this if you want to win:

Remember, every robot should and must have a:

right: Sir Killalot, another powerful house robot.

- a weapon ex: a buzzsaw, axe, power flipper, even a flamethrower, etc.

- must be controlled by RC

- metal is highly recommended for plate armor

- wheels to move quickly

- you can choose speed to evade quickly from threats or choose strength to knockout others; its your choice. In fact, you can choose both!

-Speed: Fast but normally doesn't have too powerful attacks.

-Strength: Powerful but usually slow.

- In the show, you will encounter house robots. Beware them because they will try to attack you and will even try to throw you out of the stage!

More information and contact

Costs $145 to enter. The same for seats.

Go to United Center.

For further details contact us at 214-123-4567

or email us at

right: Hypno-Disc, a robot with a lethal spinning disc that can shred armor of other robots and brutally scratches them.

sign in before December 15, on Monday. Starts at 2:00 PM.