Egypt Vacation Guide

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Welcome To Egypt

Egypt is located in the northeastern part of Africa. It is border by the mediterranean sea and Red sea. Egypt is covered 1 250 00 squared km. The Nile River flows from the higher land in the South to the lower land North. The Northern part is known as the lower Egypt and the Southern part is known as the upper part of Egypt. Egypt has deserts were nothing really grows. This deserts is also apart of the sahara, which is the largest desert in the world. Egypt also as one of the world richest farmland because of the annually floods from the Nile River. The Weather in Egypt is extremely hot with little precipitation. Egypt has two season winter and summer. winter is during the cooler says that last November to April, while summer is May to October is very hot. them more south you go the hotter it gets. The Desert can be really hot during the day but are cooler at night. Egypt has very little rain fall, But closer to the Mediterranean get the most rain.Some animals that live in Egypt are the hippo, crocodiles, herons, ibises that close to the Nile river. some desert animals are wildcats, antelope, gazelles, scorpions and more.
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Ancient Egypt Innovations and Inventions


Egyptians take really good care of their appearance. Eyes were almond shape as a sense of fashion.with eyebrows and eyelids made up in blue, green, or a dark grey this colours were made by grinding the mineral galena and mixed with water. it was then stoned in jars and applied with sticks. lipstick was a red colour that was made up with ochre clay mixed with oil or fat. make-up were both used on men and women because it offered beauty and protection from dust, infection, and the glare from the sun and sand.

Men keep there hair short or shaved because it was easier to clean. They also wear wigs for special occasions, while women wear their wig hair shoulder length that is braided and with ornamend. sometimes they will dye it with henna to give it a lighter colour.


Egyptians are very smart when it comes to illness and how to treat them. They believed that sickness came from evil spirits that blocked channels in the body and affected the way the body functions. Also they thought the evil spirit would either go inside the body or sent poison inside you to make u sick. To cure the ill doctors would try to clean the insides out to get rid of the poison by giving u laxatives or bleeding you out. Another attempt was to recite spells, recommend magic potions or pray to the gods. Egyptians sometimes put amulets on people because they believed that would protect them from evil. Egyptian knew a lot about the body from preparing dead bodies for burial and butchering animals. This was important because it kept people alive and help them live longer, since they had basic knowledge on how to cure illness.

Papyrus Paper

The Egyptians learned how to make a type of paper that was from papyrus that is a type of grassy reed that grows in the abundance along the bank of the Nile river. Scribes were the people who need this type of paper the most since they are the only people who know how to read and write hieroglyphics. They are the writers and recorder keeps of Egypt. This paper also help Egypt trading system since it was also exported to other countries. To make papyrus paper reeds were cut, peeled and sliced into strips. Then the strips were socked in water until they were flexible and pounded flat. The strips are then place side by side and overlapped a second set of strips are placed on top in opposite direction.The paper is the pressed to squeeze out the water. Finally heavy weight is placed on top and the paper is left to dry to be polished by rocks or stone.

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Queen Nefertiti

Queen Nefertiti is an important queen. She is considered as a very beautiful woman. Her image are used for advertising beauty products such as perfumes and cometic. Nefertiti name means the beautiful one has come. she is seen as an icon to may woman Many societies around the world see the queen as a symbol of true beauty.She is the queen of Egypt and is the wife of pharaoh Akhenaten. she and her husband changed the Egyptian religion from polytheistic to only worshiping one god the sun god Aten. They also promoted Egyptian art work to a more natural imagery then from there usually strict formality.. Nefertiti is perhaps one of the most powerful women to have ever ruled along side with her husband. pharaoh Akhenaten work really hard to display his wife as a equal counterpart. Nefertiti is usually shown wearing a crown of a pharaoh or defeating her enemies in battles.

The Great Pyramid of Giza

The Great Pyramid of Giza is one of the most famous pyramids and it is also one of the seven wonder of there world. The Pyramid is one of the biggest tomb ever built in Egypt. Egyptians built over 90 pyramids. The Great pyramids of Giza required thousands of workers, million of stone blocks and a very long time to construct. The pyramids are so big that it makes the Sphinx statue looks small in comparison.The Pyramid of Giza is home to the tomb of pharaoh Khufu and the smaller two tombs are of his son Khafre and his grandson Menkaure. The Sphinx statue that has human head likeness of Khufu and a body of a lion. was built to guard pharaoh Khufu tomb.

Religious Traditions

Religion is particularly important to Egyptians society. They believed in gods, goddesses and afterlife. Egyptians believe the pharaoh was a god king, descended from Amun-Re the king of all gods who they worrship and other gods and goddess. They depended on the flooding of the Nile rivers. If it flood Egyptians saw this as a good sign that the gods were happy. after on death they believed that they continued life after death. When a person dies Egyptian believed that people need still need their bodies even though they are dead for the after life. So ,they mummified the body. It takes a couple of days to do this process. All the internal organs expect the heart were removed the body was then washed with salt-like substance to remove any moisture from the body abad dryer quickly they would stuff the body with linen for example after all this the body was then wrapped . After passing the deceased person there were certain testes the person must do on accounting for their lives deed. one was that Anubis the god who guard the dead weighed the person heart with a feather to see if the person had a good heart and life. If so this led to the dead meeting Osiris the god of death and the underworld to welcome them into the afterlife.. wealthy people where buried with possessions and supplies for their afterlife placed in the tomb, while poor people where buried in shallow graves in the desert.

Arts and sports

The Arts

Art was really import an for Egyptians because it was a way to makes sure people stayed remembered. Panting and sculptures in Egypt were ofter influenced by there religious beliefs. Art had long rules of strict formality. Egyptian artist would draw, paint etc with their faces in a profile in a side view and only one eye visible. Both arms and legs are shown with chest forward. People were represented as young and beautiful. Man in art were usually drawn darker then woman because that show that men were hard work since they worked a lot in the sun. Egyptians pantings are usually done in tombs and temples. They cover the walls with pantings and carved pictures about everyday life. Music was popular when it came to religious festivals. They played lively musical instruments like the harp, lutes, tambourines and flutes.


Egyptians were involved in many games, These games help the prepare for them for their roles in life. For example playing hockey and handball help them build team work. so sports that are played in Egypt gymnastic, wrestling, running, and swimming were sports that are of use of physical training. Other Sports such as rowing, javelin throwing, archery, other horseback riding sports skills are skills for battles or war.

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