Juror #3

By- Andrea Ortiz


Juror #3 is an older man who was probably raised a little bit more harsh and strict than others. He was also hard on his son, and he would beat him to make more manly or make him understand things.


His personality seems bitter, rude, and seems selfish.


On page 7 Juror #3 says "Yeah, let's get this over with. We've probably all got things to do." and "All right. It's not Sunday. We don't need a sermon in here."


Juror #3 is just simply the one that had the most hate for the kid and wanted him to die.


Well juror #3 would like this Puerto Rican kid to get the death penalty, because juror #3 son was kind of the same way towards him. Juror #3 son he hit him and ran away, so he hasn't seen him since.