Franklin D Roosevelt

FDR overcame a major obstacle to become president.

Franklin's disease

Franklin D Roosevelt was diagnosed with poliomyelitis at age 39. Poliomyelitis is a disease that in Franklin's case, paralyzed all of his muscles from the chest down.

Character vs Character

Franklin's situation was character vs character because it was a physical situation. The disease was in his body and that is what he was fighting.

Getting through tough times

Franklin D Roosevelt had polio disease but got through it to become the president of the united states. Franklin put wheels on a small desk chair so he could move around. Franklin would use a cane to appear to walk while holding an advisers arm for balance. When he was up i front of everyone, he would hold on to the podium to be "standing" in front of everyone.
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Never give up

The theme of Franklin D Roosevelt's life is never give up because he got polio disease which paralyzed every muscle from his chest down. Even with the disease, he still worked hard and found ways to be mobile. He became the president of the united states while most of his muscles were paralyzed.
The Four Freedoms - Franklin D. Roosevelt