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Curriculum Highlights

AWESOME "Technology Show & Tell" this week by Kim West (7th grade) & Krsytal Shearon (8th grade). Kim demonstrated the use of SchoolNet while Krystal shared how she's using eClass for Science Fair projects. GREAT JOB LADIES! :-)

Thank you all for the great support and discussions in our weekly curriculum meetings!

Here are a few important dates to add to your calendars:

Friday, 09/11/15 - Curriculum leaders will have release day planning which will include time to learn more about increasing the rigor and dok of our common assessments. Shawn Holman & Jeanne Traylor will be leading our leaders in this task. Expect great feedback in your curriculum groups from Kelly, Betsy, Cristi, and Jennifer!

Tuesday, 9/15/15 Creation of RBES Goals during Curriculum Mtg. No worries new GCPS teachers; your curriculum leaders and GCPS veterans will help you with this. :-)

Wednesday, 9/16/15 Title I Parent Night at 6:00pm. This meeting will focus on assisting students with Science Fair projects and be led by Jeanne Traylor & Krystal Shearon.

Tuesday, 9/22/15 - - No Curriculum Meeting (due to Early Release Days this week).

*Reminder* All RMS Administrators are now members in our curriculum communities.

Please be certain to update the communities page regularly - - - even if it's just to add a note that says "please see added resources in the shared drive or in eClass".

Recorders, please be certain that all meeting minutes are saved in communities.

Thanks Everyone!

6th & 7th Grade Science Clubs start this month! Encourage your students to join!

Are You Ready to FLIP For FIP?

The modules for the Formative Instructional Practices are designed to be self-paced and geared towards helping us move our students forward. Please be sure to follow Betsy Klein's log in instructions to set up your FIP account.

The following modules should be completed & ready to discuss on the following dates:

First module (FP1001: Introduction) - - 10/06/15.

Second module (FP1002: Clear Learning Targets) - - 10/27/15.

Third module (FP1003: Collecting & Documenting Evidence of Learning) - - 12/01/15.

There are 2 additional modules we will complete during the second semester. Stay tuned for those dates. :-)