Leadership Edition, ACPs

February 11, 2016

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Dear Awesome ACE Principals,

Thank you for your leadership! With so many priorities and tasks, we tried to organize them for easier review. Please review the following items carefully and contact me or Shatara with any questions.



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Items Due

Projected Vacancies

After sending your inquiries about teacher’s plans for next year. Please send me the number and type (exact subject and grade level) of vacancy you anticipate for next year. Please take leveling into account as well.

Economic Disadvantage Forms Needed

Please make sure all EcoDis forms are completed by 5pm this Friday. This is important to our funding (Blanton, Edison, Lee).


Culturally Responsive Training: Tuesday, February 9th.

AASI: Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning by Dr. Sharroky Hollie

Session Date Activity #

Session 1 12/2/2015 1000002915

Session 2 1/13/2016 1000002916

Session 3 2/09/2016 1000002917

Session 4 3/08/2016 1000002918

1. Upon completion of CRTL training Feb. 9, each participate will implement train the trainers model with campus teachers

2. Email sign in sheets and training agenda to rerice@dallasisd.org by March 8th

3. Complete CRTL survey after Feb. 9th training (Survey Monkey)

4. Register for all training sessions prior to Feb. 9th

Master Schedule Roundtables

Middle School Team,

This is a top priority:

Please review all attachments, linked here, as you prepare for the round table.

Here is a link to support tools:


Facility Needs Updates

Mr. Williams and his team are diligently working to follow up on our facility requests. Click here for an updated status on work orders submitted.

3 Week Failure Reports

Please be sure to run a 3 week failure report this week. We want to proactively meet with teachers and follow up on grade intervention plans.

Instructional Audit Monitoring

As you review the feedback from T&L, consider your priorities. Please select 2 goals for each content area. We will follow up soon with an on-line template for you to populate and then progress monitor.

On Your Radar:

  • Master Schedule
  • Budget
  • Leveling
  • Refinement of Structures & Systems
  • STAAR Countdown Plans
  • SST/RTI parent meetings

Principal Retreat: March 10th 1-6 PM

Please email me important topics we need to tackle. This time will be devoted to collaboratively identifying what is working, what is not, and what are the key ACE strategies to align in our turnaround plans and summer PD.
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